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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

PSU Hockey 2006-2007..."Now We're Only 30 Years Behind UM and OSU."

According to Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic, Penn State has hired a new coach for its club...errr...D-VI Men's Ice Hockey program. Geesh...How pathetic is it that a D-I school that has over 500 wins in the still in the ACHA...with schools like Ohio University (No offense my fellow Bobcats, I think it is comical that your school is the proverbial "thorn in the side" of the PSU Hockey Program). If I were a Penn State alum, I would be wanting some answers at this point (Thank God I am not...Tossers...of Urine...). This should be a D-I program already. If Alabama-Huntsville can play D-I competitively, somebody should pass the memo onto PSU. Why get a new coach and stay in D-IX? Apparently, an AD with a weak consitution thought that it would be good to be play in the local Pittsburgh Tuesday Night Beer League and clean up some more championships...unless Ohio University, again, shatters those dreams of D-XXIII glory.

At this rate, PSU should have its D-I hockey program ready to get hammered by OSU and UM on a yearly basis by 2030. I am sure the refs will have everything to do with those losses as well. And maybe...just maybe....they will have something this awesome....
to celebrate that milestone event when PSU hockey pulls out its first D-I win against Ferris State or Northern Michigan.

"Will this man be coaching when PSU moves to D-I in hockey? Well, since he hasnt really coached a game since the mid 80s...No, but it sure would be fun to see him try and chase officials across the ice when he goes on one of his ice-cream deprived temper tantrums."


Monday, June 26, 2006

DCfW - Big10 2006 Preview - Indiana "Tigers"

This marks the first installment of the DCFW Big 10 Preview. We will walk through all of the Big Ten teams and provide some predictions on team performances this season.

First stop on the DCfW Express: The Indiana "Tigers"...

It's a blog...not an art contest....but I am sure you get the point.

They copied Clemson's "Rock"

Just off Exit 149A.... they may as well take the team name, logo, and Mascot.

Indiana...Indiana...Tiny Bottles of Liquor!!!!

Coach (Season): Terry Hoeppner (2nd Season - 4-7 Overall)
2005 Season Record (Big Ten): 4-7 (1-7)

Key Returning Players: Blake Powers (QB), James "The Law" Hardy (WR), Chauncey Incarnato (OL), and Tracy Porter (DB).

Offense: The IU offense was a pleasant surprise in 2005 Big Ten Season with new coach Terry Hoeppner bringing some of that University of Miami magic that helped produce Gary Busey...Superbowl Champion. The emergence of sophomore Blake Powers and mega-receiver James Brasky...errr....Hardy put some fear into the hearts of defensive coordinators in the Big Televen. However, this is Indiana Football and while some early success created some hope for the Crimson and Cream faithful, the late season games against OSU and Michigan helped reality set in on the place of IU Football under a first-year coach. With that being said, 2006 will look a lot very similar next season. Powers and Hardy (pending some domestic battery charges) will have another year under their belts and should have some success against teams on its schedule that happen to posess a weak D-Line. The team has no depth on its O-Line..end of discussion. With only Justin Frye and the much-ballyhooed Chauncey Incarnato anchoring the line, it will interesting to see how much Powers will be running for his life against the likes of Iowa, Ohio State, and Michigan.
Defense: The IU defense should be respectable on the front four as two seniors are the bookends with a sophomore and junior plugging the middle...that's the good news. The bad news = The back seven. All of the starting linebackers for a team that gave up 215.2 rushing yards/game, which was 110th of 117 D-IA teams ahev graduated. In the secondary, both corner starters return with Tracy Porter and Leslie Majors, but there is some hope with the safety starters (Troy Grosfield and Will Meyers) and surprisingly there is some depth at this position. This depth may be the reason that one of the safeties was moved down to work with LBs this spring.

Special Teams: Let's not go there...Tyson Beatty better keep that leg warmed up this year.

2006 Season Schedule with Predicted Result (Home Games in Bold)

9/2/2006 Western Michigan - L
9/9/2006 Ball State - W
9/16/2006 Southern Illinois - W
9/23/2006 Connecticut - L
9/30/2006 Wisconsin - L
10/7/2006 Illinois - W
10/14/2006 Iowa - L
10/21/2006 Ohio State - L
10/28/2006 Michigan State - L
11/4/2006 Minnesota - L
11/11/2006 Michigan - L
11/18/2006 Purdue - W

2006 Season Record Prediction (Big Ten):

4-8 (2-6)

Final Analysis: Terry has got a lot of work to do on the defensive side of the ball and the O-Line. It is going to be a long year for Powers. I would be surprised if the back-up is not starting by game 5. Sorry Hoosier Fans. Terry needs to keep recruiting..just dont ask Sampson to hit the phones.

2006 Team Song: "Greet Death" by Explosions in the Sky


Sunday, June 25, 2006

Quick Note....

A skinny post with additions to the Blogroll...

First off...I was perusing my site meter report and am starting to see some domains pop-up on my radar that I wasnt really expecting. These would include &, and I need to reiterate this simple statement(Not that the dispatch or harvard guys/gals have anything to do with this statement). I do not really care so much about the grammar on these posts, so please dont email me about it. I am not getting paid to write this stuff and I just finished working on my MBA less than a year ago (tired of writing at that level). I dont want to put that kind of time into this...yet. So...

Additions to Mighty Blogroll...

Added bradshrugged an A&M Blogger with a liking for one of the inspirations of the blog - Death Cab for Cutie.

And believe it or not, there is another CBJ Blog out there...Army of the Ohio. The CBJ Blog landscape is a little less lonely, and now I cant get that Bjork song "Army of Me" out of my head. Good Times.

Carolina representing with the Stormbringer making the roll. I know that I dog Carolina, but the fans that do follow the it, as they it is the greatest sport there is..."hands down" (Dammit...I am starting to sound like a soccer or "proper football" fan.)

I am not sure if this the equivalent of the College Football Blog Yellow Pages, but DCfW has an entry at the College Football Resource. So we got that going for us, which is nice.

Coming Soon on the DCfW:

  • First Installment of the DCfW Big 10 Preview - Indiana
  • Look ahead for the 2006 Columbus Bluejackets
  • Jorts...Man Laws Revisited

I am heading out to enjoy record high tempatures in the Seattle-area. Peace.


It's actually clear here (for a change) and I can see this:

So...I am jumping in the family truckster and driving until I get there....

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Eteamz Remnants...Body Art Hockey Represent!!!

One of the fiercest rivalries in the CAHL over the last few years, Body Art versus Eagles games were filled with extreme amounts of chippiness and some pretty good hockey.

Here are a few posts from my old Eteamz Site for Body Art Hockey. Enjoy!!

Eagle's MacDougall = All-Star and the "missing link?"

Team Focus = Eagles

I lost focus on this team site after about a week or two. I guess I had other things to work or something.


Monday, June 19, 2006

Yay! The Canes Win...score one for a state that could give two shits about hockey!!!

I know that there are hockey fans in least 17,000 or so filled that arena, but those few people might be the only people that care about the sport in the grand state of basketball....North Carolina.

I know that this sounds like bitching about the state of hockey, but the fact is that this would be very easy to swallow if the Canes were still the Whalers and were above the Mason-Dixon Line.

Seriously, I dont want this to sound like a Teddy Montgomery statement of the obvious, but the fact remains, there are more people interested in the amount of sweat that comes off of JJ Reddick's testicles, during a Carolina-Duke game than accomplishing a feat of winning the oldest trophy in sports in the state of North Tobacco.

I feel for the Oiler fans. They are great fans. Knowledgable. Passionate. Somewhat crazy. Know how to throw a post-game party. Really the whole city and province of Alberta cares about hockey. Even Calgary or Vancouver fans, though they would never admit it on record, were probably pulling for the Oil to come through in game 7. Why? To bring that Cup back to Canada. Some silly Canadians think that is where it belongs. However, what these Canadians dont realize that there are cities in the US that are worthy of Cup-sitting for a year. There are the obvious cities like Detroit, Boston, Hartford (oops!), Chicago (No worries as long Billy is the owner), and even St. Louis (Hey Keith! Stop trying to eat small babies for lunch and in between periods..See Mickelson Reference on A2Y). However, there are some cities that are making strives in fandom and true appreciation for the great sport that we all love..or should love unless they are unfortunate to have some chemical imbalance that makes them crave sports that require timing of pit stops and left-turns of all varieties. You know who you are....

I wonder if they'll show the Duke game on the big screen tonight?

Case in point, I currently am employed by a company that is based in High Point, NC (Right outside of Greensboro, NC). I think out of the 300 people that work in the corporate office, only about 4-5 people could name more than 3 players from the Hurricanes. This is not exactly a Gallup Poll or anything, but I should be able to find more than 2 people that realize Rod Brinda'mour is a heckuva hockey player (This is karma taking another shot at Bobby Clarke for the whole 72 Summit Series thingy dingy. Dont worry Bob the hockey gods arent done with you yet.)

The Columbus Union Soldier References

Next year we're playing outside...and bringing back Deron Quint (God help us all!!)

Up and coming hockey cities, obviously I am biased, but the Columbus loves its team and cares about its success. There are still a large number of Red Wing and Penguins fans in the central Ohio area, but the number seems to dwindling with each passing year. Having previously been a season ticket holder for the CBJ, I have been witness to the transition. I can remember the first regular season game against the Red Wings at Nationwide arena. The local Red Wing fans came into our flashy new arena, which was quite an experience for them as the JLA, despite its history, is a bit of a craphole. They basically took it over, which was understandable. A franchise with a great deal of history and recent success over the last 10 years and a lineage of great players that have defined the NHL including Howe, Sawchuck, Lindsay, Able, Yzerman, and dare I say Peter Klima. That franchise's history and rabid fans dominated the Red Wing to CBJ proportion in the arena. What was once a 70/30 split for Detroit in Columbus' home arena in the year 2000 is now 80/20 in 2006 in favor of Columbus. The local children's and adult hockey leagues have also grown by leaps and bounds. This transition has finally grown to another level of maturity within the city as the CBJ have successfully acquired a USHL team to play in Columbus. This city will be a hockey power within the next 10-15 years, as the infrastrucutre has been put in place similar to that of Illitch's and Karmanos' commitment to Detroit's youth hockey program. Look for the first player to come out of the Columbus youth hockey program in the relatively near future. For the haters out there that dont think its possible, look at every other major sport (sans Baseball) at the high school level. Ohio produces top-notch Football and Basketball talent each year. As soon as the interest in hockey increases, which it will with likes of the Fritsche brothers (Parma) and hopefully a consistent OSU Hockey Program, Columbus will turn into hockey hotbed just like Detroit.

Other teams worth mentioning:

The Nashville Biting Tootoos
As much as I hate to say it, you can throw Nashville into this category as well. Rabid fanbase with very recent success giving the Wings all they could handle in the 2004 playoffs. Can country music personas and hockey mix?

"We have the facts and we're voting Yes."

The Minnesota NorthWild
Minnesota is a given for a successful franchise. But I have a serious question. Why did NorthStars leave the Twin Cities in the first place?

I'm going on record. Modano's appearance in this movie was the catalyst that brought hockey to Dallas. FU Eisner.

All in all it was a good season and like I have said a few times in previous posts, it was too bad that this playoff season was not as accessible as previous years, while on OLN. It was a great playoff and seriously...congrats to the Carolina Hurricanes the 2006 Stanley Cup Champions.


Sunday, June 18, 2006

I see a fine on the horizon for Mark Cuban...

and I am sure he will get his money's worth on this one.

You gotta love how Wade can push a few guys off crossover to his left, drive to the hole, barely get touched and get a foul called to bail him out for not using his teammates when there were three guys on him. I am sure that DWade will be sending a heart-felt christmas card to Joey Crawford for that gift.

The bigger question is...Why am I mad when I cant stand the NBA? It may have to do with remnants from that matchup of the USA verus the Triple Lindy Divin' Bastardos from that Country that Looks Like a Boot or maybe its just a flare up for general disdain for staets or country's that look like common objects (Like Michigan...Stupid Glove.."Look this is where I live on the glove" Way to go Michigan where do the Yuppers fit on that glove...damn elitists. Not only towards Ohio, but even to those lovable UP Bastards up north. Thanks Michigan for bringing up my anger to a Ryan Leaf-ish level on Sunday night before I have to go work delivering pizzas for lunch tomorrow)

Not even this can make the 16-inches of injustice wrongly subjected to USA Soccer and Dallas Mavericks Fans feel any better.

UPDATE: $250,000 it is...mere pocket change and he's always got that DQ Job to fall back on, if need be.


If Italy were a submarine, it would what?




This should be the new national flag for Italy. That is all....


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

OSU Athletic Training. Oh, where does the time go?

As promised, I wanted to give the 6 people that read my blog a perspective on the athletic training major offered at The Ohio State University. As I have stated in my previous post, my wife recently graduated from this program with an undergraduate degree from SAMP (School of Allied Medical Professions). It is a standard program in that you are required to apply for the program with a list of pre-requisite courses within a certain GPA range for the applicant. However, it also differs from a standpoint that most of the applicants are required to interview with the athletic training faculty. All of successful applicants granted admission into the program (Spring Admission) are generally students finishing their freshman year and will start the program in the fall.

Here is what the next three years looks like for an athletic training student.

Year 1
Go to class for 5-6 hours. Spend rest of day in training room for clinical hours, which could be until 7 or 8PM (app. 6-8 hours). This will generally equate to 12 hours each day, during the week. On the weekends and depending on the team that the student is assigned, the student will be required to come in for 2-4 hours for treatments and the occaisional team practice. The only saving grace for a first year is that they are not required to travel with the team that they are assigned. However, the student is required to attend all home events for the team that they are assigned. The students are rotated to a different team each quarter to gain experience in standard eval techniques and injuries for focused areas of the body (ie. Impact Sports for Football and Hockey. Lower Body for Soccer, etc)

Fuzzy Math Committed Hours for Student(per week) = 72 hours
10 weeks of class * 72 hours/week

Total Committed Hours of 10 Week Quarter = 720 hours
Total Available Hours of 10 Week Quarter = 1680 hours
Total Percentage of 10 Week Quarter = 42.9%

Year 2
Go to class for 5-6 hours (maybe more). Spend rest of day in training room for clinical hours, which could be until 7 or 8PM(app. 6-8 hours). This will generally equate to 12 hours each day, during the week. On the weekends and depending on the team that the student is assigned, the student will be required to come in for 2-4 hours for treatments and the occaisional team practice. The only saving grace for a second year is that they are not required to travel with the team that they are assigned. Again, students are assigned to various teams, as mentioned above.

Fuzzy Math Committed Hours for Student(per week) = 72 hours

Total Committed Hours of 10 Week Quarter = 720 hours
Total Available Hours of 10 Week Quarter = 1680 hours
Total Percentage of 10 Week Quarter = 42.9%

Year 3 (Senior Year)
Go to class for 5-6 hours (maybe more). Spend rest of day in training room for clinical hours, which could be until 7 or 8PM(app. 6-8 hours). This will generally equate to 12 hours each day, during the week. On the weekends and depending on the team that the student is assigned, the student will be required to come in for 2-4 hours for treatments and the occaisional team practice. The student will generally be assigned with one sport for the entire academic year. The student will be required to travel with the team that they are assigned. I am sure that this is excellent for the students that are matched with Men's Ice Hockey and Track and Field. This student will basically have the same lifestyle as the student athlete for the academic year. However, there are some differences...major differences.

Fuzzy Math Committed Hours for Student(per week) including Travel Time with team = 96 hours

Total Committed Hours of 10 Week Quarter = 960 hours
Total Available Hours of 10 Week Quarter = 1680 hours
Total Percentage of 10 Week Quarter = 57.1%


I have laid out some general information about the curriculum. I want to put the time commitment into perspective and the final outcome. Let's add some other variables into the equation.

For those that have attended college, it is reasonable to say that
you should spend about 3 hours at a minimum for studying outside of class. This would equate to about 21 hours per week.

Year 1 & 2 will move from 42.9% to 55.4% of committed time per week or quarter.

Year 3 will move from 57.1% to 69.6% of committed time per week or quarter.

I am going to go out on a limb and say that this would be beyond the hours limit that is mandated by the NCAA for student athletes. Why should this be any different for the athletic training program, which requires students to be at a post for 6-8 hours a day? I'll tell you why. Because the OSU athletic department has no guidelines on the amount of hours it can put it's student trainers through on a weekly basis...Weird..huh?

This basically leaves about 9 hours of free time available for each weekday, which does not include sleep. I know when you are 19-23 sleep is overrated, but I think the picture I am painting is getting a little clearer.

To put this into perspective a little more....

For all of us in the real-world (myself included), we probably work between 40-50 hours a week on average.

This would equate to about 27% of committed time per week.

I am sure at this point many of you reading this post are asking "What's the big deal?..Donte Whitner was in the training room and watching film even longer than these trainers are at the WHAC."

The difference was that Donte (Fantastic Safety) was on full-scholarship with a monthly stipend for living expenses, as well as tutoring available at the Younkin Success Center"

I understand that no one will be willing to state that atheltic trainers are as important as the student athletes. However, in theory, the athletes are no more important student trainers in the eyes of the university, as they should be afforded the same amount of time as any other student for studying, etc. Atheletes are not afforded the time luxury that normal students are basically becuase of the nice $80,000 scholarship that they are handed on their first day of college.

The fact is that while most of the OSU faithful are worried about Alex Boone's and David Lighty's moments of stupidity and the outcome of these events, the support backbone of the athletic department is basically hung out to dry and is an afterthought. You can include the equipment management staff in this equation as well.

Dr. Mark Merrick is the director of athletic training at The Ohio State University. Dr. Laura Harris also helps direct the clinical facet of the atheltic training department. They both have many professional accomplishments on their resumes. However, there is one thing that I do not see on the resume. This would be the ability to manage people. I bring this up, because it is blatantly obvious that they know how to educate and manage resources, but do not know how to manage people. The rate of OSU athletic training students continuing on to work in the athletic training profession has decreased for each of the last 2 year's graduating classes. I would say that the fact there is an increasing amount of students who go through this program and basically build resent towards the program and Ohio State is reason enough to state the managing people is not a strength of the Athletic Training faculty. Now, I wont go on record and state Dr. Merrick's and Dr. Harris' mis-management is the root problem, as I am sure some of the certified athletic trainers responsible for the different teams and facility will need to shoulder some the blame. Some of them may feel that since they were forced to have no life during their days in the athletic training curriculum that their undergarduate student trainers will not be able to have one either. There is plenty of blame to go around for the anticipated demise of this program.

I actually feel a little resentment towards my alma mater on this one. For the OSU grads and attendees..Could you imagine going to to OSU for 4 years and not being able to enjoy the college experience at all? No Oval in the road trips...

I know that this is path chosen by the students, but the fact remains that the longer the Athletic department is willing to operate with level of committment from its student trainers...the less undergrads will be willing to join the program. I am pretty sure that this is already in motion, as there are grumblings on the horizon that the undergrad Athletic Training program may be "going the way of the dodo." This would not be surprising to say the least, yet OSU would still have a graduate-level program available for atheltic training students.

If the undergard program folds, there remains one question for the athletic department...

Where will the faculty and atheltic training staff be able to find people that will be able to put in 60-70 hours per week for free, while providing atheltic training support services....errr...providing bandages and throat lozenges to entitled athletes?

The OSU Athletic Department motto is "You win with people"

Maybe it should be adjusted to "You win with people that are willing to not question why they are working as free labor for a department that doesnt care about about its students, who will eventually be carrying the flag and message of professionalism for the athletic department in the future."

A bit long-winded, but if you think that I am the only person that may feel this way check out the speaker list at NATA’s 57th Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposia.

Speaker: Dan Clapper
Topic: Trainer Burnout

Where do you think he performed his grad assistantship?

On the banks of the Olentangy...

Bottom line...Student Trainers are free labor to the university athletic department, which they will utilize without any regard for the well-being of the student, as long as nobody is willing call them out for it....

I am more than willing...things need to change down there. Either get a few certified athletic trainers with the ability to manage people and not treat them like total peices of shit, or get the certified athletic trainers lacking in these skills the rudimentary training they need to become managers. This would be a unique concept of having managers leading the student trainers, instead of certified trainers with the knowledge of how to evaluate injuries that do not have the maturity to manage experienced people...let alone 19-year old students that they are setting an example (I am not calling out all of the certified athletic trainers working for OSU, as there are probably some that have enough respect for their student trainers to not treat them like a piece of meat.)

Peace and Ranting

Herringbone out...


Sunday, June 11, 2006

Small Note...

Added End of the Bench to the blogroll. Another CBJ Blogger...well...the only other CBJ Blogger out there, besides DCfW (to my knowledge).

Finally, a good game last night. Thank the good Lord it was on NBC and in HD. There is nothing better than hockey in HD. The NHL should mandate that all games are locally and nationally broadcast in HD by the beginning of 2008. Just my opinion, but it is unbelievable how much more of the game you can see, hear, and feel.

The wife graduated from OSU this afternoon. Congrats to her on the accomplishment. Making it through 4 years at OSU is no picnic, and is generally a battle of attrition of balancing school and keeping yourself out of the jaws of the OSU "Bureaucratic Machine." Now that she has graduated, I will definitely have a review of the Athletic Training program at OSU, and its ability to run students into the ground. I am sure this one will raise some eyebrows, as it seems that most people believe that the OSU Athletic Department can do no wrong (Spend about 10 minutes on any of the buckeye forums and you will see what I mean). However, there is a dark side of the OSU athletic department that most people will never see or never have the ability to write about. Having been along on the ride of a student guiding their way along the path of moving through the athletic training curriculum, it shows the ability of an athletic department to forget the mantra it preaches of "You Win with People."


Thursday, June 08, 2006

I am not even sure where to start on this one....

I am not sure how I can take a man with the name "Gilles" serious here, who, as Luongo's agent, is speaking of the prospects of working out a deal for 1-year to re-sign with that Hockey Juggernaut of the SEC...the Freakin' Florida Panthers.

"We don't want to sign long term and then be traded to somewhere like, say, Columbus, and be stuck there,"

When I first saw the quote courtesy of A2Y, I immediately had thoughts of finding out where the man lives and sending a copy of the book "Things to do when you are a French Canadian agent trying to keep a French Canadian goaltender happy with a mullet that would make most IROC owners cower in fear." However, after conducting some in-depth research, I was able to peel away a couple of layers from the onion, that is Gilles, and start to get an appreciation of the man, the myth, the failed Ice Capade "wannabe"

Tidbit #1

From Gilles in March of 1978....

"Listen... I'm not dumb. I know very well that I'll never be part of the Ice Capades."

Tidbit #2 - Mustache...I say again. MUSTACHE!!!

Proud carrier of the Wannestadt mustachio since the late 70's

But then after realizing that a typical rant just wouldn't do it on this one, I started to do some research. I asked the question "Would it really be better to play in Florida for a year?"

So...enough about Gilles. You can't argue science baby....

Despite having a goaltender that will command upwards of 5-7 million per year, the Panthers barely finished above .500 for 2005.

Now compare this to my beloved CBJ. Missing best player (Nash) for about the first 25 games =

And...Yes, I realize the team finished well below .500. However, attendance should be the real identifier on the level of support for an organization within a city....and here we go with those factoids....

2005 Average attendance:

Columbus: 16,796 (Capacity = 18,136) (Cap% = 92.6%)
Florida: 16,014 (Capacity = 19,250) (Cap% = 83.2%)

I realize that there are more things to do in Miami, when your loaded with cash, like...

  • Find smoking-hot chick at South Beach and become her Sugar Daddy
  • Go to South Beach and lay out on the beach. Especially, when you are a pasty white hockey player...the chicks love it.
  • Find a plethora tickets to any sporting event, since everybody in Miami is too busy doing other things..see above bullet.
  • Stay stuck in traffic...forever.
  • Immediately catch on fire after too much exposure to sun

With this myriad of available options, I can understand the lack of attendance at the games to see this once in a lifetime "catch of a" goaltender.

I would prefer if Gilles would just try the honesty angle. We dont to sign with the stinking Panthers for a long-term deal. After this year, Roberto Polychronopolous is a free agent and can sign with a winning team and make "shitpots" of money at the same time.

Gilles and Roberto fart in Columbus' general direction. State that Nationwide Arena smells of Hamsters and Elderberries.

I dont have a problem with dogging Columbus. It is a midwest town. It is a hell of a lot better than Montreal(regardless of its is a shithole city and people are about as friendly as a urine tossing PSU fan on gameday), but Columbus is still a midwest town where hockey has been catching on like wildfire. The downtown area is in development, as few people actually live downtown, and the team looks like it is finally starting to turn the corner and potentially make the playoffs next year. Now, I am sure that the Columbus fans won't be able to come with anything as creative (pathetic) as throwing plastic rats on the ice, but the "rat thing" could be R. Polychronopolous' selling point to stay in town.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Coaches leaving to seek other opportunities...on a Monday.

In recent news, Russ Rogers has "involuntarily" retired from the head coaching post for the OSU Men's and Women's Track & Field Teams. This has been a long time coming, and the lessening of Football Player involvment in T&F has pretty much pointed to this occurring sooner rather than later. Coach Rogers had a great deal of success in the past, and his resume was impressive with an appearance as an assistant at the '88 Olympics in Seoul, Korea and 3 Big Ten Titles.

***On a side note. Mondays or Tuesdays just dont seem to be the day to leave a company to retire or seek other opportunities. This tends to be a running joke with people that I used to work with in the past.

I know a lot of people are critical of the man and his lack of production in recent years, but I wish him only the best. The coaches for the non-revenue sport teams at OSU are an undervalued commodity. They do not have the monetary or athletic department resources to run as an exclusive entity within the department. This is a simple fact, and it forces the head coaches to depend on assistant coaches heavily for travel and accomodation coordination, which can directly effect the time available for the coach to actually spend on "coaching." I am not a Rogers apologist. However, I will not echo the sentiments of "good riddance" shared by many buckeye faithful on the message boards. Good Luck Coach Rogers! Enjoy the retirement and best wishes and good health to you and your mother.

Happy Trails Russ...

In other Gene Smith Resource Management News...

Gene takes a moment before a non-revenue sports coach's meeting

Now, it is obvious that "Mean" Gene Smith is still in the process of cleaning house within the athletic department with the recent "involuntary" departures of underachieving Wrestling and T&F program coaches. I cant say that I blame him too much for these moves.

With an athletic department that requires a great deal of revenue to break even and supporting one of the highest amount D-I sports programs at a single school in the US, it is imperative that OSU is successful in all of its sports programs. It is a simple equation...More Success = More Revenue for the athletic department. The three major sports at OSU are in a mode that will not require much marketing to sell tickets and merchandise for Football, Men's Basketball, and Women's Basketball. The revenue and profit generated from these sports (let's be honest here...mainly Football) will generate the budgetary constraints for the rest of the sports to operate for the year. Some of these sports will try and chip-in to make up its fair share, but the idea of one of these sports contributing any meaningful revenue to the AD P&L is just not realistic. I am sure that Gene is going to look to make more changes in the following years, if certain trends continue. I truly believe the following coaches could be labeled with a "Dead Man Walking" title in near future, if their respective teams do not improve from past performance.

OSU Coaching "Dead Pool"

1. Men's Ice Hockey - Coach John Markell

Look no further than "That School Up North." They do it right. Dont give me geography as an excuse. This is the next revenue-generating sport at OSU with an 18,000+ seat arena waiting for a consistently successful team that doesn't "peter" out in the CCHA Playoffs and NCAAs.

2. Women's Tennis Coach - Check Merzbacher

How times have changed. The OSU Women's Tennis Team used to be very competitive in the late 90's. This past year's team finished 7-14, 2-8 in the Big Ten. While, the 2005 team was in similar territory with a 7-18 overall record and a 2-8 record in Big10 play. Not a revenue generator sport, but you've got to imagine that Chuck is asking Ty Tucker (OSU Men's Coach)to let up a little bit.

3. Women's Lacrosse - Sue Stimmel

What does 5-11(2004), 6-10(2005), and 4-12(2006) not equal? Progress. I realize that this is the same program that finished 14-4 in 2003 with an American Lacrosse Conference championship, but the team should not drop to 5-11 with 7 starters and additional 7 returning letter winners. Especially, when a rebuilding men's team was able to improve throughout this past season.

I really cant say that I want anyone to lose their job, but this type of performance does not provide much in the way of leverage when justifying the coach's existence at the university.


DCFW getting OMG....linked....

by big Brian over at Mgoblog. This could be considered a big moment. I appreciate the candor and the standard "Brian-esque" insults made me feel right at home in the Mgoblog neighborhood.

Brian says..."Welcome!!! You illiterate bastard. Oh yeah. I like the blog name."

Also chiming in with mega-props is The-614. I appreciate the link, and hockey will win you over eventually. One of the best OSU blogs...hands down.

Do you hear that sound? It is the sound of inevitability. The sound of Chelios getting beat to the net by Rick Nash again. The sound of you growing to love hockey.

Also, in past linkage news...

Even though the Wings have been working on that golf handicap and Holland is in overdrive for a new goaltender, AbeltoYzerman provided the "Death Cab" some love and has been a very active blogger, during this year's WSOP Finals...errr...Stanley Cup Finals. Sorry about that little slip up. I have been trying to find the Finals games on TV and keep having to watch Poker Tournaments, Quite Frankly (God help us all), and the worst show of all time, "Stump the Schwab." If you get a moment, check out the A2Y glossary page. You cannot beat the North Dallas Forty reference, as well as "The Punch in the Face" and "The Meltdown" entries.


Sunday, June 04, 2006

Another media type weighs in...states the obvious and basks in self-glory...

You know, I have just about had it. Ratings never used to be the determining factor for a sports program to be televised, and the sad part of this is that this occurred back in the day when there only about 20-25 channels on Cable TV.

Wes Goldstein weighs in...

The league's goals heading into the lockout of 2004 were simple and clear cut: Create a more level economic playing surface, produce a more exciting product and give every franchise regardless of location and revenue stream a legitimate shot in the brave new world spawned by an overhauled collective bargaining agreement

Hi! My name is Wes. I could take some time and conduct some research that would require a skill set beyond the level of an intern, but that would be different than my other thinktank brethren Teddy "Ballgame" Montgomery...and I dont want that. So enjoy the unoriginal and predictable drivel and whining that states that the NHL just cant do it, because it's ratings are worse than an Esteban infomercial.

Esteban says...
I can teach the beautiful ways of the Spanish Guitar, as well as how to kick the culo of the NHL in the Nielsen Ratings

So what does all this mean?

The NFL conducted this parity experiment a few year's back with the implementation of a salary cap. It was not an overnight success, but it had an inherent level of interest within the US that did not even allow a remote chance of failure for this parity experiment in the NFL. However, the NHL will have a longer climb. Why? Because of ratings...No Wait....because of the absolute dependence of major station media types on these ratings to make their decisions on programming, due to ratings. Dont get me wrong, I agree that there is unarguable reasoning to make money off of the advertising, during the programs. Regardless, sports programming and normal produced/scripted programming are two different animals. If this was always the practice, ABC would have never placed Wide World of Sports on Saturday afternoons with a totally unmarketable mix of cliff diving and underwater basket-weaving.

The fact is that sports programs need to be shown regardless of the ratings, and the NHL will make a return to the primetime on whatever major network will eventually carry them in the future. These things are cyclical in nature. I can remember watching Glen Hanlon beats the Leafs in a Game 7 after school, because the game was tape-delayed on ESPN from the previous night (By the way Leafs fans, the Wings won that game coming back from a 3-1 deficit in the series.). I can point to specific marketing campaigns that made the NHL's popularity rise to extreme levels during the mid-90s. EASports marketing for the NHL series on Sega Geneisis ("I make goalies look like swiss cheese"..."Bure?"), the old ice Bud Ice Penguin commercials ("That call is coming from inside the house...Do be Do be Dooooo"), the black and white ESPN Hockey promos, and the Nike Hockey commercials (Sergei Fedorov....bring it on long-haired Russian freakboy!!) Every NHL playoff game was on ESPN or ESPN-2 and the game was entertaining as "all get out."

The NHL will definitely come back strong in the next 2-3 years. We have been witness to some of the best hockey that we have seen in years. The neutral zone has opened up and different strategies are being design and implemented across the league. Sloth-like players that cant skate are now a liability and the game moves at a pace that rivals the games from the mid-80s, where the losing teams could score 5 goals on the short end of the stick.

Understandably, as a marketer, it is much more profitable to sell advertising time for Survivor than a playoff hockey game. However, Survivor will eventually run out of steam. Its cant argue science baby. The NHL or some form of Professional Hockey will always be here, and that is a simple fact. Everything in TV these days seems to be about the short-term profit and success, but the long-term is about the relationships built between network and the league, which will have greater overall success on the bottom line and in public for the league and the network.

The question remains, which major network will work with the NHL on a relationship, instead of placing "Deal or No Deal" or a re-run of "Will & Grace" ahead of it for the uneducated morons that fail to realize the beauty of a sport, which doesn't involve making left turns for 2.5 hours on a Sunday afternoon.

Serenity Now!!!

Rant Concluded.



Stanley Cup Finals are set, but who will be watching?

It's that time of year again. The Stanley Cup Finals are set and the possbilities of the average fan to watch it are slim to none. Abeltoyzerman dropped a line about the lack of respect for the final, but we, as true hockey fans, know this is a great sport with exceptional passion and skill being displayed in the marathon that leads up to the Stanley Cup Final. You got to hand it to absolute jackasses like Ted Montgomery that just throw their own feces against the wall in hopes that something will stick.

"Believe me, more fans will tune in to a Kansas City Royals-Seattle Mariners matchup than any of the Stanley Cup Final."

FU Ted...You have the forum to be a part of the solution. If you are not going to be part of the solution, try not to exaggerate the problem. Jerk.

However, I understand the comment. OLN is not widely available (duh!) in the US and most of us do not have access to Hockey Night in Canada, so a good percentage of us are screwed. That means the fans have to head down to a local bar and beg/plead with the owner to allow us to watch the game, instead of the Sklar brothers, a re-run of a World Series of Poker from 1973, or American Idol with freakin subtitles. Now the major network carrying the NHL is NBC and its ability to provide the games with a little more ease is there. However, the network that showed curling and hockey during the Olympics on its stations, such as CNBC and the USA Network, would rather show re-runs of Monk or "Deal or No Deal." I actually would rather have Fox back with the damn "puck-trax" then the pathetic showing of support for a sport that has taken steps to improve the game and make it more exciting for the fans. Too bad nobody can watch it this year, because the playoffs have been nothing short of matter what team you support.

Can Monk shoot a backhander or solve the mystery of the immovable force (aka Kerry Fraser's Hair Tonic)? I think not.


The West Coast Transition Continues...

I havent been able to post as much as I would have liked to the past few days, as I am still trying to adjust to west coast time. I am having some serious issues with still being at work when game 7 of the NHL Eastern Conference Finals is in progress. There was nothing better than living on the east coast, during playoff time for the NHL and the NBA (not really my thing, but I will watch anyways). The ability to watch a 7/8 PM EST game and then having the luxury of the standard 10PM EST game was a great thing. Granted, this took away from my work productivity the next morning, but the fact that I have this blog is a strong indication of my level of concern for that small detail. The part seems to make things more painful is that I am normally able to catch the daily routine of the Indians "gas can" bullpen about the time that I am leaving bueno.

I am starting to understand why the west coast doesnt really care about sports all that much. You just dont have the access that is available on the east coast. least I dont have to watch every Red Sox-Yankees game that is on ESPN. There are other teams in the AL right?