Death Cab for Woody

Sunday, June 18, 2006

I see a fine on the horizon for Mark Cuban...

and I am sure he will get his money's worth on this one.

You gotta love how Wade can push a few guys off crossover to his left, drive to the hole, barely get touched and get a foul called to bail him out for not using his teammates when there were three guys on him. I am sure that DWade will be sending a heart-felt christmas card to Joey Crawford for that gift.

The bigger question is...Why am I mad when I cant stand the NBA? It may have to do with remnants from that matchup of the USA verus the Triple Lindy Divin' Bastardos from that Country that Looks Like a Boot or maybe its just a flare up for general disdain for staets or country's that look like common objects (Like Michigan...Stupid Glove.."Look this is where I live on the glove" Way to go Michigan where do the Yuppers fit on that glove...damn elitists. Not only towards Ohio, but even to those lovable UP Bastards up north. Thanks Michigan for bringing up my anger to a Ryan Leaf-ish level on Sunday night before I have to go work delivering pizzas for lunch tomorrow)

Not even this can make the 16-inches of injustice wrongly subjected to USA Soccer and Dallas Mavericks Fans feel any better.

UPDATE: $250,000 it is...mere pocket change and he's always got that DQ Job to fall back on, if need be.



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