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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Small Note...

Added End of the Bench to the blogroll. Another CBJ Blogger...well...the only other CBJ Blogger out there, besides DCfW (to my knowledge).

Finally, a good game last night. Thank the good Lord it was on NBC and in HD. There is nothing better than hockey in HD. The NHL should mandate that all games are locally and nationally broadcast in HD by the beginning of 2008. Just my opinion, but it is unbelievable how much more of the game you can see, hear, and feel.

The wife graduated from OSU this afternoon. Congrats to her on the accomplishment. Making it through 4 years at OSU is no picnic, and is generally a battle of attrition of balancing school and keeping yourself out of the jaws of the OSU "Bureaucratic Machine." Now that she has graduated, I will definitely have a review of the Athletic Training program at OSU, and its ability to run students into the ground. I am sure this one will raise some eyebrows, as it seems that most people believe that the OSU Athletic Department can do no wrong (Spend about 10 minutes on any of the buckeye forums and you will see what I mean). However, there is a dark side of the OSU athletic department that most people will never see or never have the ability to write about. Having been along on the ride of a student guiding their way along the path of moving through the athletic training curriculum, it shows the ability of an athletic department to forget the mantra it preaches of "You Win with People."



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