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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Week #5 - DCfW Song of the Week

Another week...another song...

Name the commercial...

Artist: The Walkmen
Title: We've Been Had
Album: Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me is Gone(Buy the Album here)

Let me know what you think and any suggestions that you may have for next week's contribution.


**Dont be a dick..dont download..this is for evaluation purposes only!

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OSU wins defensive struggle..Butch Sprains Shoulder...Doyel Sprains Vagina

I took in the OSU-UW game this afternoon. It seemed like a typical Big10 showdown with massive amounts of defensive play and physical intensity that is not in seen other conferences.

Basically, this game turned into a slugfest and the final scored indicated this as such.

Quick hitters...

- Oden is still a work in progress. Some of his travels were obvious...some were not travels. Yes,he could go to the NBA right now, but he wouldnt play...even for the Celtics. He needs another year....or two.
- Speaking of travelling, have you guys seen Alando Tucker play basketball? His jump-step is NBA ready now.
- Conley will be one of the best point guards to ever play in the Big10 before he leaves. His confidence level increases every game.
- Wisconsin plays basketball just like it plays hockey....deliberate..intense..disciplined
- The 2-3 zone works great (against teams that cant rebound), but OSU has the depth to man up the whole game, regardless of Oden's presence in the middle of the 2-3.
- That injury to Butch in the first half was brutal. It looked like he had a grapefruit on the back of his elbow when he got up.
- That injury that Greg Doyel received while putting together his write-up from the game was brutal. It looked like he had a grapfruit on the front of his vagina when he finished writing it. Weird..
- I hope these two teams meet up in the Big10 tournament final. Hopefully, it will be the same type of game, so none of the pundits give UW or OSU a chance in the Big Dance.
- As a Buckeye fan, I am really pulling for UW to get healthy for the NCAA tournament. They are a team that will give a lot of good teams fits. They play defense very well, which is something that most teams in the country arent doing right now...even flavor of the week Kansas...

In other news...
Speaking of vaginas, Jack Johnson and the Michigan Hockey team were in town this weekend. I single out Jack Johnson, who has a history of cheap shots, took out OSU's leading scorer, Tommy Goebel on Friday with a questionable hit (It seems like Jack has a lot of those...doesnt it?). Role reversal between the two teams, as UM scored with about a minute left on Friday night and OSU returned the favor on Saturday pulling out a 6-5 victory.


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Week #4 - DCfW Song of the Week

The feature is back from the dead...similar to this blog.

Artist: Silversun Pickups
Title: Lazy Eye
Album: Carnavas (Buy the Album here)

Let me know what you think and any suggestions that you may have for next week's contribution.


**Dont be a dick..dont download..this is for evaluation purposes only!

Again, there is an issue with Firefox autoplaying the SotW, which is totally uncool. Any suggestions (like another embedded player)? Let me know...yo...


Saturday, February 17, 2007 I am back...

So...after a bit of a hiatus, I figured that it was time to get back in the saddle and spew some vitriol in all the right places. Rest assured...the fork has been removed from my temple...and now approaches unattended electrical outlets...constantly.

OSU Football...see pic above and imagine doing this every day for about a week. This would some up the life experience that was the 2006 OSU Football Team

OSU Basketball - As unexciting as it was when I lived in Columbus, imagine how unexciting it is out here in Seattle. The pathetic crowds rival that of the OSU men's hockey team. At least the hockey team has an excuse for poor attendance, they're rebuilding.

CBJ...Aww F**k Off. So happy that I am not a season ticket holder anymore...dont know if I am could stand another empty prmoise from the management and ownership while Minnesota is a consistent threat to make the playoffs and the CBJ players are a consistent threat to have their handicaps squared away by June.

Onto more interesting topics like the non-big news of February.

OSU signs mediocre recruiting class...or should we say that OSU signed a class that did not rival the ridiculousness displayed by Flavor of the Week Florida and yearly recruiting juggernaut USC. I am really not concerned about the star ratings and such. They really mean little to most. I mean take USC, for example. All that talent being recruited every year, yet still managed to lose to Oregon State. I dont recall Oregon State having any 5-star recruits on it's roster.

I rarely agree with Brian about anything. However, his nice article about creepy SEC recruiting in conjunction with Jim Delaney's recent statement on the SEC versus the Big10 was very insightful. OSU and UM have pulled together some great recruiting classes over the last 4-5 years, yet never have the sheer numbers that schools like Florida and Georgia seem to put together every year. Then again...OSU and UM doesnt seem to have nearly the class attrition each year that the SEC schools have either, which isnt caused by the school curriculums but the fact that the 600 players that sign to go to school at UGA cant even qualify. Sad that the SEC schools count on this attrition to allow them to over-recruit. You would think that the NCAA would maybe spend ome time on this scenario instead of Native American mascots, but I digress...

I had started a weekly song of the week post to relay some music to the masses that might still listen to that Green Day - Dookie album...or just cant figure out why every band sounds like Blink-182. Well, it hasnt gone away. I will bring back this feature this week and will continue to put out more music that you may or may not want to sample.

The greatest band of all-time....The Shins...released a new album at the end of January "Wincing the Night Away." A very highly anticipated album out here in the Pacific Northwest, as they were able to sell out two shows at the Paramount Theater in Seattle. Not sure how this album is going over in Columbus. However, the last time they played in Columbus in 2005, The Shins were not able to fill up the Newport, which is sad.

Another favorite band, Explosions in the Sky released a new album this past week "All of a Sudden, I Miss Everyone." I havent picked it up yet, but the band's popularity is soaring, as a majority of it's US shows are sold out and they will be playing at Coachella on 4/29.

Other bands/albums of note...
- Silver Sun Pickups - Carnavas
- The Black Angels - Passover
- Yo La Tengo - I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass

So...apologies to all for not posting about the Bluejackets and SEC dominance in every competitive sport every created...with the exception of hockey.

Better times are if Boeing can just build this new plane everything will be alright....