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Sunday, June 04, 2006

The West Coast Transition Continues...

I havent been able to post as much as I would have liked to the past few days, as I am still trying to adjust to west coast time. I am having some serious issues with still being at work when game 7 of the NHL Eastern Conference Finals is in progress. There was nothing better than living on the east coast, during playoff time for the NHL and the NBA (not really my thing, but I will watch anyways). The ability to watch a 7/8 PM EST game and then having the luxury of the standard 10PM EST game was a great thing. Granted, this took away from my work productivity the next morning, but the fact that I have this blog is a strong indication of my level of concern for that small detail. The part seems to make things more painful is that I am normally able to catch the daily routine of the Indians "gas can" bullpen about the time that I am leaving bueno.

I am starting to understand why the west coast doesnt really care about sports all that much. You just dont have the access that is available on the east coast. least I dont have to watch every Red Sox-Yankees game that is on ESPN. There are other teams in the AL right?



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