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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

CBJ - Vancouver...Effing Naslund and the Chimera "Around the Net" Paradigm

Hey guess what!

The CBJ got shutout again. YAY!!!

The CBJ played the Canucks. You know what that means...Naslund scored a goal, and ultimately that means a CBJ loss.

  • Sergei Fedorov is playing his best hockey as a Bluejacket. His skating is strong and he is making plays...too bad the CBJ doesnt have a finishers. I'm looking at you Rick Nash.

  • Another fantastic Pascal Leclaire effort...wasted.

  • The defense seems to be making better outlet passes.

  • Zherdev is playing better...and Fedorov has a lot to do with that.

  • Gilbert Brule is getting more and more playing time...he will breakout this doubt. Thank goodness Hitchcock is willing to play him on a line that doesnt include Jody Shelley.


  • Rick Nash...

  • Modin's Injury

  • Hainsey's Non-Existent Mean Streak

  • Chimera (See Below)

The Chimera Paradigm

I have been watching Chimera pretty closely this season and last. He is a heckuva a skater and has great size to absolutely level people. However, I have noticed that his line with Malhotra has not been nearly as productive this year, as compared to last season. After watching the last few games, I have noticed that Chimera doesnt drive to the net this season. He is simply skating hard on the outside and travelling around the net in hopes of finding a cutter on the backside. However, Chimera will normally keep skating around to the high boards and will not attempt to dump back down Jason's game is not a finesse game. I know that there are times that going around the net will draw some attention and will have some collapsing players on the opposition, which will open up some passing lanes. However, once the skater gets to the half-boards, a decision needs to be made by the skater. Either curl to the middle, dump back to the corner, or slow down and draw the high slot defender for a pass to the point. Generally, Chimera has been going around the net without a purpose or a plan, so to speak.

The main point to these observations is that the CBJ's second half success last season was predicated by the stellar play of the Chimera-Malhotra

Note to Jason: Please drive to the net and throw the damn puckon the net. Malhotra and Fritsche are waiting for rebounds...seriously.


OSU fares well against the UNC "Travelling Hansbroughs"

"Hey Tyler, I'll see you in March"

Game Thoughts...

  • OSU shoots well in the first half...not surprisiing.

  • During the first half, T. Hansbrough shows why he is a great player in the middle. T. Hansbrough also shows us something we havent seen in a long time, the old-school Robert Parrish/Lew Alcindor "lazy" pivot foot. Now, I understand why Dookies cant stand the guy.
  • OSU is building a house in the beginning of the second half...bricks galore.

  • UNC goes on a 12-2 run (expected).

  • Ivan Harris turns into Vinnie Johnson for about 5 minutes.

  • Ivan Harris turns into Manute Bol for about 3 minutes.

  • Ron Lewis shows that UNC still does know the first thing about playing defense, even with Gigantor Hansbrough and Wright on the blocks....unless Mike Conley is driving to the hoop.

  • T. Hansbrough travels 6 times in the second half...surprisingly..none of them are called.

  • These travels lead to 8 UNC points.

  • If Oden plays in this game, Hansbrough scores 10 at the most...probably travels at least 4 more times without it being called. OSU probably wins by 10+.

  • Ron Lewis just scored another lay-up.

  • Conley needs to gain an understanding of the "sense of urgency" concept.

  • I guess OSU was overhyped...*sarcasm font = ON*. This team is damn good and they played strong defense, until "raging Hansbrough" was able to somehow not commit a foul in the second half...and basically throw his weight around as he pleased.

    • If any UNC fans read this post, I think that Hansbrough is a great player, but he was able to get a away with murder down low...some of it was warranted, but dont tell me was playing great defense in the second half. He was watching players go right by him on the drives to the basket. He probably fouled Conley on 3 separate occasions, which were never close to being called.

      Good times coming for OSU BB fans. It looks like we will be going back into an era similar to the Jimmy Jackson days, which is a good thing.

      So when are we getting that Big10-ACC Challenge in Football?


      Wednesday, November 22, 2006

      On Notice - Michigan Hangover Edition


      CBJ has a new Coach

      If you thought "Hitch-Chicken", may you read boards until your eyes bleed.
      I hope things are looking up...any signs of life and I might consider removing the CBJ from the "You're Dead to Me" Board.


      Monday, November 20, 2006

      Running to a Re-match?

      The “Game” is over. An overhyped defense of underclassmen wearing Scarlet & Gray was overmatched. However, another more overhyped defense was on the field, which just happened to be wearing Maize and Blue.

      Troy Smith…*in his best Pavel Bure voiceover*

      “I make Michigan defenses look like Swiss Cheese.”

      Quotable…Bo would be proud….

      “Ohio State’s defense played good, but they’re not as good as people thought. We didn’t put enough points on the board. There’s nothing special about that

      - Mike Hart

      This will be the first thing that goes up on the bulletin board, if there is a re-match. I would be willing to put money down now that Hart doesn’t get 75 yards the next time he plays OSU, if there is a rematch. Mike, we thought you were classy. I guess respecting your opponent isn’t a part of the Michigan Man’s credo these days. I would imagine that Troy Smith could have made a better case on which team’s defense was “less” special…

      Leaning on the Big Play…

      Lamar Woodley stated that it was big plays that would be corrected by UM’s defense, if there was a rematch. You know the kind of silly mistakes that equate to 2 huge running plays for touchdowns and then a dagger on a play-fake by Smith to cap the second quarter. Let’s take a closer look at how the UM defense gave up its yard and points to OSU…

      1st Touchdown = “Sustained Drive” 14-Plays 69 Yards.
      2nd Touchdown = “Big-Play” 52-Yard Touchdown Run (2-Play Drive)
      3rd Touchdown = “Big Play” 39 Yard Touchdown Pass (4-Play Drive)
      4th Touchdown = “Sustained Drive” 9-Plays 80 Yards
      5th Touchdown = “Big Play” 56-Yard Touchdown Run (2-Play Drive)
      6th Touchdown = “Sustained Drive” 11-Plays 83 Yards (w/Questionable PF Call)

      I am going to go out on a limb here and say that not only did the UM defense “take it like a champ” with big plays, but they also caught the money shot in the eye with all of the sustained drives that Troy Smith and Company put up on the supposedly “vaunted” UM defense. I guess what I am trying to say is that it made “no” matter, which way the OSU offense scored. They scored whenever they wanted and absolutely dominated one of the “best” defenses in the country.

      Leaning on the Turnover….and Penalties

      UM had some fireworks of it’s own to start off the game by abusing Antonio Smith on the first drive, but without assistance from the “stripes” and poor OSU snapping (How in god’s creation do you snap the ball behind the left tackle? I didn’t think this was physically possible) this game is no closer than two touchdowns..

      1st Touchdown = “Sustained Drive” 7-Plays 80 Yards
      2nd Touchdown = “Big Play” 37-Yard Touchdown Pass (w/Questionable PI Call)
      3rd Touchdown = “Sustained Drive” 5-Plays 60 Yards
      Field Goal = “Turnover” - Rivas Donut Power (Branch Interception = Forced Turnover)
      4th Touchdown = “Turnover” 1-Yard Touchdown Run (Fumble Recovery = Unforced Turnover)
      5th Touchdown = “Sustained Drive” 11-Plays 81 Yards (w/Questionable PI Call)

      Looking at the UM scoring drives, it was obvious that they have some firepower on the offensive side, but without the help of three questionable penalties (PI calls on Jenkins and O’Neal were absolutely ridiculous..and don’t get me started on the Splitler penalty…pathetic)…UM wouldn’t have even been in this game. Doesn’t it seem like OSU finds ways to get penalties called on them every year from the dust-laden section of the rule book. Last year, it was the defenseless player call against Indiana and this year…the hit of a center when he snaps the ball. Now, I understand if you hit the guy in the neck or take a cheap shot at him, but Spitler nudged his shoulder…and it should have never been called. OSU gets the ball without that awful call and there is no doubt that OSU goes for the jugular on that the defense. Do you have any doubts that OSU scores a touchdown on that drive as well?

      Troy and his Trophy

      This is a foregone conclusion. It doesnt even matter what Brady Quinn does against USC.

      Handling a loss with class…

      Each one of the OSU captains gave UM a sincere Tip o’ the Hat for a good game between two heated rivals, which is what we would have expected from these guys win or lose this year. This senior class has been special…seems like we say this every year.

      As much ribbing as I like to give Chad Henne for his Lloyd Christmas look-a-like pictures and that he is “more smarter” this season, the guy was all class in his post-game interview. He played a good game and gave credit where it was due.

      Mike Hart needs to take a note from Chad Henne on handling a loss with some class. I mean he has already done it three times now to OSU, and he finally had a good game against an OSU defense. I believe that there was some frustration on his part, but he did nothing but ensure that OSU will be all over his arse if there is a rematch.

      Handling a win with class….

      I let my UM brethren at the M-Zone tell you their tales of powdered donut dodging and other various classless acts that had been witnessed throughout the day. I am done trying to fight it. Scottish Soccer Hooligans have got nothing on us. I saw my fair share of idiots on campus, in Port Columbus on Sunday, and even in Sea-Tac on Thursday evening….and they were wearing both team’s colors. Apologies to Yost and Benny for the behavior issues…

      I am sure that there will be millions of stories of ritual sacrifice and maximum carnage, which seems to be the MO of our fans win or lose. I am sure there will also be some exaggerating and some stories that are right on target.

      Lloyd’s Calling…and Complaining…Again

      Lloyd griping about the personal foul on Crable was to be expected. It was helmet-to-helmet…and TS might have already been out-of-bounds, and it doesnt matter if he was scrambling. He was in the throwing motion when he was smacked in the head. If the play would have been in the other direction, I don’t think Lloyd would have been complaining, but….this is Lloyd we are talking about here, and when has he lost and not complained about something. Lloyd should take some solace knowing that if he doesn’t get his two PI calls, his teams loses by double digits. He should also some take comfort in knowing that if that ridiculous defenseless center call doesn’t get pulled out of the doldrums, his team is down by 21-28 points going into halftime.

      The Rematch?

      UM is probably the second best team in the country…probably.

      UM and its fans will tell you that they want a rematch. If you guys watch this game again, do you really want a rematch? Are you going to bet on Troy Smith having a bad game? He already trunk-f**ked the UM defense once this season. Any doubt that he wont do it again? Has the UM defense reached it’s peak? I see a lot of upperclassmen on the defensive side of the ball for UM, and they aren’t going to get much better in the next 50 days. Do you think that the OSU defense is going to get better in the 50 days? Do you think that the OSU staff will not utilize Mr. Hart’s slip-up to create some motivation for the next time these two teams meet up (whether it is January or next November?)?

      OSU played one of its worst games from a penalty and turnover standpoint. What happens if Datish learns how to snap again? What happens if a non-Big Ten officiating crew is brought in to call the BCS game? Michigan lost a game where it got almost all of the calls and had three turnovers on OSU’s side of the field gift-wrapped for them…and they still lost.

      So they can call for a rematch all that they want but the fact remains…they were given a golden opportunity to win and yet…the game was never really in doubt after the second quarter. On top of all of the mistakes….UM only led the game for 9 total minutes.

      They only lost by three points, but it looks like that 500+ yards of offense wasn’t supposed to happen against the “English Majors.” Mike Hart needs to take a good look at his own defense that was shredded all day on Saturday, instead of ripping on the OSU defense that made stops when it needed to throughout the day.

      Think about that while you are watching USC hammer Notre Dame next weekend…and then try and say that UM will provide a challenge to the OSU title hopes in Glendale.



      Wednesday, November 15, 2006

      The CBJ...meh...ugh...One Down...One To Go

      Well...they finally held someone accountable. Gallant...Dead...

      Was it the correct person? Probably, for the short-term, it was the correct person.

      The Real Crapper in all of this...we could have had a couple of great coaches over the last few years, but Doug keeps breaking his d*ck off in the fans and season ticketholder arses with his crazy ideas of coaching competency (including himself behind the bench)...

      Two guys that would have made things a lot better for the CBJ that we never even thought about...

      - Bob Hartley - Thrasher fans dont know how great they have got it.
      - Ted Nolan - Motivator and an ass-kicker...with a bit of a history that no one wants to talk about. Whatev...its all about results, baby!!

      I am going to cry myself to sleep and hope that nightmares of Ken Hitchcock dont occur with regularity over the next few weeks. Damn You Doug....Damn You to Hell...


      On-Notice - Michigan Week


      Tuesday, November 14, 2006

      OK People....Quick Recap Here So Far This week... case you havent noticed (and judging by my sitemeter stats, you havent), I havent posted for a little bit. Apologies, as I have been attempting to get shitpots of work done before the wife and I head out to Columbus on Thursday evening. It is not cheap to fly from Seattle to Columbus, so I have been putting in extra shifts to pay off our airfare.

      Thank the good lord we dont have SE Michigan's economy out here. Otherwise, I would never be able to pay off these Delta tickets.

      So where were we?

      Let's see....there are a couple of games this week between OSU and UM.

      The first game takes place this week, which includes all of the OSU Fans and Alumni versus the applicants and graduates of the UM School of Perpetual Bitching and Ironic Rhetoric, which just happens to be one of it's most popular colleges...second to only kinesiology. If kinesiology didnt exist at UM, there would be no athletic department.

      When I look at where we stand this week, I see a few things that stick out like a sore thumb.

      The Game within "The Game"

      First Thing...(HT Double Deuce)...there is this little matter of a letter that some dipshit from the UM Student Association wrote to discuss the perils that involve a trip into Columbus for gameday. I have been notified that there were some inaccuracies and typos that were ignored before this correspondence was sent out. I am not sure if Sue Ecklund typed this motherfucker (yeah this week is making me cranky as well) in Wingdings font or if spellcheck wasnt part of the UM standard MS-Office licensing agreement, but I wanted to spend some time correcting a few of the most careless of errors on this letter.

      We are sure that you are excited about this Saturday's football game versus Ohio State, and the possibility of capturing the Big Ten conference title and playing for the national championship.

      For those of you traveling to Columbus, we invite you to kick off your Saturday by joining the Alumni Association, Michigan Student Assembly, Division of Student Affairs and other Michigan fans at a fun-filled True Blue Away-Game tailgate. You and your fellow fans can enjoy food, music, large-screen TVs and a variety of arcade games and activities before the game. The cost of student tickets is free with a valid U-M student ID. The tailgate is being held at the Fawcett Center, which is approximately 1/2 mile northwest of Ohio Stadium. The tailgate entrance will be located inside the Fawcett Center. There will be signs posted inside directing you to the Alumni Room and patio. Game-day parking is $10 per car.

      We know that it can be uncomfortable being in an opposing team's environment, especially when the stakes are so high. We would like to offer a few suggestions in order to help you stay safe and have a positive experience this weekend:

      --Try carpooling to the game; if possible, drive a car with non- Michigan license plates. and dont act like an arrogant prick that can do no wrong while travelling in a state where you are generally not welcome.
      --Keep your Michigan gear to a minimum, or wait until you are inside the stadium to display it . especially if you have the constitution of a 6 year-old girl with a skinned knee.
      --Stay with a group . and dont act like a bunch of arrogant pricks that can do no wrong while travelling in a state where you are generally not welcome.
      --Know and obey the laws regarding alcohol use. , which includes drinking within your own personal limits and not succumbing to bouts of liquid courage on Lane Avenue
      --If you are of legal age to drink, use alcohol in moderation. Stay in the blue. and dont act like an arrogant prick that can do no wrong while travelling in a state where you are generally not welcome.
      --Stay low-key; don't draw unnecessary attention to yourself. and dont act like an arrogant prick that can do no wrong while travelling in a state where you are generally not welcome.
      --If verbally harassed by opposing fans, don't take the bait. and dont act like an arrogant prick that can do no wrong while travelling in a state where you are generally not welcome.
      --Avoid LANE AVENUE in Columbus. and dont act like an arrogant prick that can do no wrong while travelling in a state where you are generally not welcome.
      --Ask fans and UM administrators to stop sending letters to newspapers and other people in hopes that things will get better.
      --Act like a football fan...not an elitist.

      If at any time you feel unsafe feel like you are in Detroit, you should call 9-1-1 for assistance. U-M campus police also will be available in Columbus to support our fans provide a shoulder to cry on when your feelings are hurt. You may call them with non-emergency concerns at (734) 216-****.

      We look forward to a tremendous game on Saturday. Let's help the Wolverines win with spirit and class.

      Go Blue!

      Sue Eklund, Associate Vice President and Dean of Students
      Steve Grafton, President, Alumni Association
      Nicole Stallings, MSA President

      Second Thing...
      The Dispatch decided to print a letter a whiny UM fan wrote to the editor about their poor treatment in Columbus over the years. It was Pulitzer material. I laughed...I cried. It was a magnificent representation of the what the UM fan evolved into over the last 10-15 years...let's examine shall we?

      I am not sure about anyone else, but I was at OSU from 93-98. I dont recall ever hearing about poor fan behavior until 2001-ish. Maybe this has to do with the fact that OSU had only won 2 games in five years against UM in that span and had knocked many of OSU national championship contenders out of the race in November for quite a few years, when UM's season were basically over at the end of August most seasons.

      Do you think that they are looking for something to lean on now that UM's diminishing aura of invincibility, (directly correlated with the now apparent lack of self-imploding OSU football squads) seems to coincide with this increased level of sensitivity?

      Or do you just wish that every UM fan who is whining, blogging, or playing message board hero about Columbus would heed the simple words below...

      Simple...and to the point.

      "The Game"

      As for the game itself...this is the type of game where a program can turn itself into a dynasty...or can remain on the status quo. If OSU wins this game, UM is in deep trouble on many fronts. First, this is probably the best team that UM has fielded since 1997. They have a competent defense for a change, and, as an OSU fan, this makes you do a double take. UM loses this game and the wall around Ohio for recuits will get a little higher for Lloyd and Co., as well as the chances of HS players leaving Michigan increases to an even greater rate than is already occurring this year. There are serious long-term (duh on the short-term) ramifications on the outcome of this game.

      Some of my SEC brethren think that OSU hasnt played anyone this year...they may be correct. I am not sure how the SOS between UM and OSU is so disparate. I guess Wisky really makes that much of difference this year. Good thing we dodged

      Regardless, I know that most people want a good close game. I really want a blowout for OSU. I want an OSU performance that is dominating on all fronts similar to 1998, where UM had a total of -6 yards rushing on the day. Do I think that this will happen? No, but I can be a dreamer.

      However, from what I have heard from Chad Henne thinks that UM deserves this win. Well, "Deservin' has got nothing to do with it.."...if it did, OSU wouldnt have lost to UM 4 out of 5 years from 1995-2000.

      At least UM is winning at something this week...

      Let's not forget about the former players taking part in a yearly tradition like no other...

      Current Standings

      UM = 2 (Chris Perry; Marcus Ray = Garbage)

      OSU = 1 (Thanks Kirk)

      I understand that there are certain former players that just cant seem to keep their mouths shut, during the week of the game. You have your old "stand-by's" like Cato June...and Cato June (Hey Cato...did you see that? That was Maurice Hall beating you to the corner). Chris Perry brought some new flavor to the smack-talking...and by "flavor", I mean sounding a like a freaking moron. Chris is a great example of what the Kiniseology program really means to a fine educational institution, such as Michigan. Kudos to you Chris...

      "Ain't no ifs, ands or buts about it. It's a blowout," said Cincinnati Bengals running back Chris Perry, a Michigan grad. "(Defensive tackle Alan) Branch is going to knock the stuffing out of - what's his name? - Troy Smith. He shouldn't even win the Heisman. He's not going to win his league or the national championship."

      Ohio State coach Jim Tressel has won four of the last five meetings with Michigan's Lloyd Carr. Perry even has an explanation for that trend.

      "We all know what's going to happen. We're going to win it. It's been long overdue. Tressel's been cheating," he said, laughing in the Bengals locker room. "Hey, we're going to keep it real. There ain't nothing else to say."

      All class Chris...that UM education is paying dividends my friend.

      Chris Perry's ineffectiveness in the NFL is due to less time to wince with fake pain after each play.

      If any of the fellow Buckeye-bloggers are tailgating this weekend, give me a hollar...will stop by with massive amounts of snobby Pacific Northwest Beer and tall tales of good weather and no preicipitation in the Puget Sound region.




      Wednesday, November 08, 2006

      Another Addition to the Greatest Blogroll Ever

      There are times when I tend to forget all the things that are going on around me...

      I made an addition to the Blogroll last week and forgot to add somebody that I had been meaning to add for a without further delay....

      The POJO Dojo makes it's debut on the DCfW.

      Apologies POJO-Risin' and welcome aboard...


      Friday, November 03, 2006

      Addition to the Mighty Blogroll

      Welcoming Andy to the Blogroll from My Casual Thoughts. He is pro-Buckeye, which lessens the sting of the Detroit Tigers hat in his "About Me" section of the blog.

      Welcome aboard Andy...


      DCfW - Illinois Preview

      Just to get you ready for this weekend...

      You gotta love the DS....

      I will be working this weekend, so I wont have any comments post-game...just like last weekend...good times.


      BCS Smear gotta love 'em.

      Notre Dame

      Big East Fires a Shot Across the Bow

      The SEC Returns Fire


      Thursday, November 02, 2006

      CBJ Buzz

      Yeah...I watched the CBJ against the Avalanche...

      It made me sad. I got to watch Rick Nash turnover the puck at the blueline (when he could have easily passed it another forward that was wide open), fall down on the ice, do a great snow angel on the blueline, watch some scrub for Colorado skate in alone on Pascal Leclaire. I also got to watch Pascal Leclaire leave a 2x2 foot space above his right shoulder that a one-armed midget could have scored on. Yeah...that was a momentum killer. It was nice to see Anson Carter and Modin contribute to the team. Hopefully, it will be a sign of things to come. Well, not the Nash thing, but the Modin/Carter thing was nice

      Basically, I came to the following conclusion...

      The CBJ are the Chicago Blackhawks with a TV Contract. Harsh? Yes. Truthful?...Becoming more of a truth everyday.

      The next day I conversed with the man behind the plan at "The Hockey Report." It is crazy enough that the blogging community possesses the uncomfortable scenarios of reaching out to other blogs and trying to get other people to read their work. I have met some really good people, during the time that I have spent pulling together this blog, but I would have never imagined that I would run into an actual person from my past.

      Well, lets just say that the purveyor of the Hockey Report was my roommate from my sophomore year at OSU. Small world, huh?

      Yeah. I thought the same thing, but this is the guy that really got me back into hockey ( I used to play in Elyria when I was younger until I moved to Northwest Ohio). So check out his is a great aggregator for hockey news and has war rooms already setup for the divisions...including the freakin central where our beloved CBJ are already sucking it up and making us think about next year....

      Check out the Hockey Report when you get a chance...He is a Penguins fan, but dont hold it against him. Adam...its good to be back in the fold.

      Peace Out...



      On-Notice - Week #9


      Siskel & Herringbone - At the Movies.....


      Just when you think that the stupidity level cannot sink any further...leave it to an idiot with a video camera to whip some people up into a frenzy.

      The boys over at the M-Zone decided (in poor judgement) to post a video of OSU fan behavior on the day of the OSU-UM game in 2002. It was a great day in Columbus...and a sad day all in one.

      Here is the video....

      A now for some commentary...

      Years of frustration of past Buckeye losses at the hands of UM had been exorcised. There was much rejoicing...and drinking.

      There are few things in life that you can count on...College Football fans in the midwest drinking like it is their last day on earth, Garrett Rivas eating donuts at an alarming rate, a UM fan or alum pulling a class move you and telling you that have no class, an OSU fan not really caring what a UM fan has to say about their behavior, and other various statements of character flaws graciously stated between the two fanbases....

      I watched the video...very stupid. I didnt like the UM fan getting a can thrown at them or getting jumped, but I am not sure the point of that video. Nothing like waiting 4 years to release a video "mostly" showing that us fans do the unthinkable....LITTER...

      First thing is last....I am not excusing the poor fan all.

      I know that we have a littering problem in Columbus...and somewhat of a rioting problem. However, it takes an actual event for this to occur in our grand city. We could take a camera to Mount Elliott Ave or Mound Street in Detroit and it looks like this everyday (sans people enjoying life a little too much) without any events at all..let alone smashing 200,000 people into 9 city blocks.

      Within the 6+ minutes of the video, there were two incidents that were displayed of UM fans getting harassed. I would think that if you spent an entire day in the hornet's nest (aka Columbus) that you could get more than two events. I mean...come on...we are the worst fans infinity. Instead, we got look at how the OSU fans litter on gameday. That is an efficient utilization of time, if I have ever seen one. Then again, I have my own blog, so time utilization isnt exactly a strong point for me either.

      While the timing of this is a little curious, it seems that someone has been holding onto this nugget for a while and decided that now is a good time to show the world how OSU fans act on gameday. Like we didnt know that there are issues on Lane Avenue. Maybe we should all take a camera to the Golf Course in Ann Arbor next year when they are all frothy and havent won a big game (that means anything...I'm talking to you ND and MSU) against a rival in about 3 years...

      Regardless, I thought about how we could spend some time in Ann Arbor with cameras to see how real Michigan Men and Women treat people....

      Too bad we didnt have a camera when the UM students were on the field in 2003 spewing obscenities like it was an education requirement at the OSU parents that were waiting to get out of the stadium...classy

      Too bad we didnt have a camera at any UM hockey game where acceptable fan behavior hasnt been seen in almost 20 years...

      Too bad we didnt have a camera at any of the local grocery stores in Ann Arbor the days before a UM home game against OSU to see the actual students that put thought into the marshmallows that they are going to stuff and throw at OSU players and students at the stadium.

      Too bad we didnt have a camera at the local Home Depot where UM fans get extra keys made for their Saturday keychains

      Too bad the M-Zone didnt have a camera at this little ditty

      Too bad that we didnt have a camera

      Too bad...Too bad...

      Too bad this video is a thumbs down....and an utter waste of time.