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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Quick Note....

A skinny post with additions to the Blogroll...

First off...I was perusing my site meter report and am starting to see some domains pop-up on my radar that I wasnt really expecting. These would include &, and I need to reiterate this simple statement(Not that the dispatch or harvard guys/gals have anything to do with this statement). I do not really care so much about the grammar on these posts, so please dont email me about it. I am not getting paid to write this stuff and I just finished working on my MBA less than a year ago (tired of writing at that level). I dont want to put that kind of time into this...yet. So...

Additions to Mighty Blogroll...

Added bradshrugged an A&M Blogger with a liking for one of the inspirations of the blog - Death Cab for Cutie.

And believe it or not, there is another CBJ Blog out there...Army of the Ohio. The CBJ Blog landscape is a little less lonely, and now I cant get that Bjork song "Army of Me" out of my head. Good Times.

Carolina representing with the Stormbringer making the roll. I know that I dog Carolina, but the fans that do follow the it, as they it is the greatest sport there is..."hands down" (Dammit...I am starting to sound like a soccer or "proper football" fan.)

I am not sure if this the equivalent of the College Football Blog Yellow Pages, but DCfW has an entry at the College Football Resource. So we got that going for us, which is nice.

Coming Soon on the DCfW:

  • First Installment of the DCfW Big 10 Preview - Indiana
  • Look ahead for the 2006 Columbus Bluejackets
  • Jorts...Man Laws Revisited

I am heading out to enjoy record high tempatures in the Seattle-area. Peace.


It's actually clear here (for a change) and I can see this:

So...I am jumping in the family truckster and driving until I get there....


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