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Monday, June 26, 2006

DCfW - Big10 2006 Preview - Indiana "Tigers"

This marks the first installment of the DCFW Big 10 Preview. We will walk through all of the Big Ten teams and provide some predictions on team performances this season.

First stop on the DCfW Express: The Indiana "Tigers"...

It's a blog...not an art contest....but I am sure you get the point.

They copied Clemson's "Rock"

Just off Exit 149A.... they may as well take the team name, logo, and Mascot.

Indiana...Indiana...Tiny Bottles of Liquor!!!!

Coach (Season): Terry Hoeppner (2nd Season - 4-7 Overall)
2005 Season Record (Big Ten): 4-7 (1-7)

Key Returning Players: Blake Powers (QB), James "The Law" Hardy (WR), Chauncey Incarnato (OL), and Tracy Porter (DB).

Offense: The IU offense was a pleasant surprise in 2005 Big Ten Season with new coach Terry Hoeppner bringing some of that University of Miami magic that helped produce Gary Busey...Superbowl Champion. The emergence of sophomore Blake Powers and mega-receiver James Brasky...errr....Hardy put some fear into the hearts of defensive coordinators in the Big Televen. However, this is Indiana Football and while some early success created some hope for the Crimson and Cream faithful, the late season games against OSU and Michigan helped reality set in on the place of IU Football under a first-year coach. With that being said, 2006 will look a lot very similar next season. Powers and Hardy (pending some domestic battery charges) will have another year under their belts and should have some success against teams on its schedule that happen to posess a weak D-Line. The team has no depth on its O-Line..end of discussion. With only Justin Frye and the much-ballyhooed Chauncey Incarnato anchoring the line, it will interesting to see how much Powers will be running for his life against the likes of Iowa, Ohio State, and Michigan.
Defense: The IU defense should be respectable on the front four as two seniors are the bookends with a sophomore and junior plugging the middle...that's the good news. The bad news = The back seven. All of the starting linebackers for a team that gave up 215.2 rushing yards/game, which was 110th of 117 D-IA teams ahev graduated. In the secondary, both corner starters return with Tracy Porter and Leslie Majors, but there is some hope with the safety starters (Troy Grosfield and Will Meyers) and surprisingly there is some depth at this position. This depth may be the reason that one of the safeties was moved down to work with LBs this spring.

Special Teams: Let's not go there...Tyson Beatty better keep that leg warmed up this year.

2006 Season Schedule with Predicted Result (Home Games in Bold)

9/2/2006 Western Michigan - L
9/9/2006 Ball State - W
9/16/2006 Southern Illinois - W
9/23/2006 Connecticut - L
9/30/2006 Wisconsin - L
10/7/2006 Illinois - W
10/14/2006 Iowa - L
10/21/2006 Ohio State - L
10/28/2006 Michigan State - L
11/4/2006 Minnesota - L
11/11/2006 Michigan - L
11/18/2006 Purdue - W

2006 Season Record Prediction (Big Ten):

4-8 (2-6)

Final Analysis: Terry has got a lot of work to do on the defensive side of the ball and the O-Line. It is going to be a long year for Powers. I would be surprised if the back-up is not starting by game 5. Sorry Hoosier Fans. Terry needs to keep recruiting..just dont ask Sampson to hit the phones.

2006 Team Song: "Greet Death" by Explosions in the Sky



  • I'm interested to see your thoughts on Northwestern after the tragic passing of Coach Walker. I have a strong feeling that this will affect the team in a big way.

    Great preview on IU!

    By Blogger Drew, at 7:50 AM, June 30, 2006  

  • Excellent preview on the Hoosiers. I'm looking forward to your preview on the rest of the teams in the Big Ten, especially OSU!

    I'm also interested to hear your opinion on Coach Tressel. Will OSU fans ever respect a coach whose first name is not Woody?!?!

    Finally, in regards to your esteemed colleagues not being able to name at least 3 Hurricane players: Brind'amour, Commodore, Whitney, Staal, Cole, Ward....and yes, Brind'amour is a great player!

    By Anonymous Chad, at 8:58 PM, June 30, 2006  

  • "Greet Death"...LOL, damn good song though.

    i'm actually listening to some EITS right now as i study for finals. looking forward to more Big 10 preview. i'm about start mine for the Big 12. peace

    By Anonymous brad, at 3:29 PM, July 02, 2006  

  • I really need to get a copy of EITS's first EP. Dont think I can make it to 2007 before listening to fresh music from them, as I do not have that one yet. Probably one of the best bands that nobody knows about (Not a Spoon-ish type of band that nobody knows about...but much more unknown in the midwest. KEXP will play them occaisionally out here..but that is about it)

    By Blogger Herringbone, at 10:01 PM, July 04, 2006  

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