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Monday, January 08, 2007

Pwned...Seriously...Jorts 41 - Land of Coaches 14

I'll be back after I visit the emergency room to get this fork removed from my temple...this could take weeks or it might just take until the next CBJ victory.... severe misery

Congrats to the UF Gators...Cant argue the ass-whooping....


Sunday, January 07, 2007

More Bulletin Board Material...and Lazy Journalism at its Finest

Brandon Siler...We Knew You Could Do It!!

But when fielding questions at the Tostitos BCS National Championship Game Media Day, Florida linebacker Brandon Siler, from Evans High School, said his team will win.

"I've had the feeling all year," Siler said. "We will win this game. I know it."

Las Vegas says Florida's a 7-7.5 point underdog. But Siler insist not to bet on Ohio State.

"Not unless you want to lose some money," he said.

I guess you guys really are disrespected down there...I feel your pain brother...oh it stings...

Moving on...
I have been hearing a lot of smack from moron SEC beat writers (not bloggers) that feel the need to bash OSU's academic standing and utilize the NCAA numbers from past year graduation rates (Student entering in 1999...aka documentation containing players that were on the roster before Meyer or Tressel took over their respective programs) and african-american graduation rates.

First, I will never understand the need to segregate a race in the graduation rates, but whatever people in the south (sans African-Americans) give two shits about the african-american graduation rates at UF or any other school in the south. It has about the same importance for the schools in the north. Regardless, people in the south speaking about how much they care about the well-being of african-americans and their team cumulative GPA at Florida would be similar to an *insert totally politically incorrect Al Queda & American "caring" comparison here*. This little ditty from the Miami Herald is a good example of slanted reporting at its finest...

"If academics were the measuring stick, the Buckeyes might be considered a two touchdown underdog. UF had an 80% graduation among football players while OSU had a 55% mark. Also, Ohio State's 32% graduation rate among black football players was the next to lowest of all the bowl eleigible teams this year. (Georgia was lowest with 24 percent)

Wouldnt it be nice if these article utilized some relevant numbers (which would be difficult because then the writer might have to spend a few more minutes on research by picking up a phone) like let's say this past quarters numbers for the OSU football team...I'll let the UF fans tell me what it's team academic numbers are for the semester/quarter.

OSU Football Academic Numbers - Fall Quarter 2006

Ohio State had a Football team cumulative GPA of 2.93 with 61 players over 3.0 (BTW Notre Dame had a team cumulative of 3.04 .)

21 Big Ten All-Academic Football players in Fall of 2006. This number led all of the the Big 10 Schools

(HT: Ozone Forum)

I think the most interesting aspect of this whole can of worms is that we go through this with the Detroit Free Press and Detroit News every year. They find a million things wrong with how OSU conducts it's business, but the Ohio newspapers pretty much just focus on the game and people involved in this event. No matter how much people want to dish out crap to the Dispatch and other Ohio newpaper outlets, they are still a professional and classy bunch. I am sure that the OSU backing papers could find plenty of dirt on the Florida program and it's players, but they are taking the high road, which apparently doesnt exist in Florida.


Bad Karma...The Next Night Beatdown and the Tag that comes with it...

The approach for proper gloating generally requires pointing out the shortcomings of others,

Hopefully the CBJ will have some juice leftover for the Sharks tonight, who absolutely trunk-f*ckedthe Red Wings the other night. That was such a savage beating, I am surprised it didnt lead to an A2Y Glossary entry.

while basking in the sun of the *insert name of favorite sports team here*'s improbable comeback.

In this case...After livin' it up from the CBJ 4-3 comeback against the Ducks, I am now reeling in the misery of the San Jose Sharks trunk-f%cking on the CBJ by a count of 5-2 (not really 9-4...I'm looking at you Iwo). Apparently, there was some officiating that rivaled the IIHF shootout rules(which are is a team sport Muir..not a skills competition), but I dont know about any of that...I didnt get to watch the game. However, in savoring the taste of sweet Red Wing fan tears, I am now faced with being tagged by IwoCPO for one of the "5 Things" Lists that was semi-started by AlanaH over at "Canucks & Beyond" and passed along to A2Y.

While there are a few people that read this blog who actually know me, here are "5 things about me which people might not know"...Yeah...This is gonna suck...

  1. Grew up as a member of the Red Wing fandom watching Stevie Y, Klima, Burr, Hanlon, Cheveldae, Gallant and the boys. This was going to cease when Stevie Y retired. However, it came to an end a little before schedule when Kirk Maltby decided to (INTENTIONALLY) check Rusty Klesla into an open bench door towards the end of the last season before the strike. It was officially over at that point...much rage and hatred. I could imagine that this act pushed a lot of old Wings fans into the corner of the CBJ at that point. Kirk Maltby = A washed-up version of Sean Avery...without scoring or witty remarking ability.
  2. WAS a certified River Guide in West Virginia on the New River("Was" is the key word). It never really amounted to much, as I started working on my MBA right after getting certified. I will be working on certification out here in Washington on at least a few rivers, so whenever you are ready to put yourself, friends, and family in extreme danger...let me know. Remember...most of the time...a "Downstream V" is your friend.
  3. My first car was a 1982 Brown Ford Granada Stationwagon (This...but Brown and a stationwagon)...aptly named "The Turd." The ladies loved it...honest.
  4. The first two CDs that I ever bought (Yes youngsters there was a transition between cassette tapes and CDs in my childhood) were Living Colour - Vivid and Winger...I just admitted that...and I will now throw myself into traffic for shaming my Indie Rock persona. I was young and stupid, but, no, I did not have a Kip Winger poster on my wall, so dont ask....jerks.
  5. I am currently working for a company that is supporting the assembly of Boeing's newest plane, the 787 Dreamliner. Crazy stuff...I have worked on Automotive heavy assembly in the past, but nothing compares to this project, which sucks up a majority of my time. Hence, my inability to post at freewill, which is what I would really like. If anyone has any ideas on how I can become independently wealthy, bring it on... I think I still have that number for the Truck Driving School around here somewhere...

I must pass this punishment onto some of my CBJ brethren...Drew at End of the Bench ( too Dose of Reality) and Michael over at Army of the Ohio




Saturday, January 06, 2007

DCfW - Song of the Week - #3 - BCS Edition

Friday Night Lights (The Movie...duh) put this band on the map (so to speak), but this Austin, TX quartet was a great band long before the movie actually came out...

While this song may not want to motivate you to tackle someone, I thought the title was fitting for the Gators on Monday evening.

Artist: Explosions in the Sky
Title: Greet Death
Album: Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever (Buy the Album here)

Let me know what you think and any suggestions that you may have for next week's contribution.


**Dont be a dick..dont download..this is for evaluation purposes only!

UPDATE: There is an issue with Firefox autoplaying the SotW, which is totally uncool. Any suggestions (like another embedded player)? Let me know...yo...Otherwise, you might have multiple players going at once, which sucks for Firefox users.


CBJ loses...oh crap...CBJ WINS!!!

Every once in a while, you kind of get a feeling about a game before it is played. I was still at work when this game started, but remembered to DVR it. I had a feeling that the CBJ were going to take it to the Ducks. That feeling was quickly changed as I started to catch up and watch the first two periods after arriving at home. It was pretty much like watching the Kings game, which going forward will refuse to admit actually occurred.

First two periods of the game...yeah...they sucked, so let's move forward to about the 11 minute mark of the third period. Something happened. That "something" would be Freddy Modin (Team MVP) getting pissed and starting to take over in the corners. Modin and Vyborny had a great cycling shift, which led to an Anaheim penalty. The Jackets did not score on the PP, but they did set the tone for the rest of the game, and scored just seconds after the Power Play finished when Klesla got everything he could into a long shot from the point. Bryz-Gollum (Obvious misspelling) did not see that shot until it came out of the net. I didnt think that this goal made a huge difference, as the Jackets and Ducks skated around for the next 6 minutes without any real action....then all heck broke loose...

Fast forward to 3:14 remaining in the 3rd period, Svitov wins a big face-off in the Ducks zone and Klesla hammers a shot form the right point that looked a lot like his first goal. Breeze-gollob did see the puck until it ricocheted off of the back iron to bring the jacket within a goal.

...33 seconds later...

Modin makes a nice play on an attempted defensive clearing and started to cycle with Vyborny. Vyborny fed Modin in the slot twice and Modin hammered the second one home to tie the game. Again, Modin = STUD...

...1 minute and 21 seconds later...

This play was really started by Norrena who played the puck up to Klesla at the CBJ blueline and caught the Ducks in a semi-change. Klesla dumped the puck in the corner, which was passed and then misplayed in the corner by the Ducks defenseman. Malhotra gabbed the misplayed puck and started the cycle with Chimera, who found Malhotra driving hard to the net and put the Jackets up 4-3 with 1:20 left in the game..

...1 minute later...

Svitov covers the puck in the crease when a mad scramble occurs in front of the CBJ net after the Ducks caught the CBJ defense in the midst of a change. A penalty shot is called (with 20 secinds left in the game) for the Svitov error. Selanne takes the penalty shot...he aims at Norrena's shoulder...and hits it square. Too bad hitting Norrena's shoulder wasnt the same as scoring a goal.

Game Over...Ducks are sad. Ducks fans are shocked. The two CBJ fans in front of the FSN camera at the end of the game were going crazy. Yeah...I guess this sport just isnt exciting anymore...(HT: KK)

Hopefully the CBJ will have some juice leftover for the Sharks tonight, who absolutely trunk-f*ckedthe Red Wings the other night. That was such a savage beating, I am surprised it didnt lead to an A2Y Glossary entry.


Thursday, January 04, 2007

And so it begins....

How about these gems...

"We're anxious to see what kind of defense they play to match up with all of us on the field, because there's gonna be a lot of speed and playmaking ability out there," he said. We personally don't think they can stop us, but I know they feel they do, so we gonna see if they step up to the challenge with all that speed and playmaking."

"I really feel like they haven't seen people like us,"

"Guys down here in the South that move as well as we do, are as fast and athletic as we are, they'll get a pretty good taste of it on the 8th."

"You really can't simulate our team speed and our athleticism."

"Hopefully it will catch them by surprise and we just kind of shock them,"

It's quotes like this that really dont make the whole "underdog" thing work for the Florida Gators. Yet, they seem to play "dis-respect" card at the drop of a hat. I am going to be totally honest here. I do not think that an analyst would think that this game would be close if the Buckeyes had played a few more games after November 18th (outside of the obvious attempts to hype up a game that needs absolutely no hype). I am starting to think that people are forgetting how good the Buckeyes have really been this season. If anyone is taking the UM game as a litmus test for the BCS game, they are going to be sorely mistaken. Dont be fooled by the performance that UM had against USC. They had a great front seven..AND..had an offense with both a passing game and running game. This is not something that UF can claim on its best day, unless a Tebow rush counts for double these days.

Maybe we can get some testimonials from the Hurricanes on Northern Speed...or maybe we can just go ask the other SEC teams that lost to Big10 Teams on New Year's Day.

Mark it down...if UF goes down in this game, the SEC myth will be over...and there will be much rejoicing....YAY!


"el fin"


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Thoughts on UM for next year...

I will not pile on the UM haters club for 2006...there is plenty of time for me to jump back on to the wagon next fall...

Obviously, I am not a Michigan fan.

However, I am one of those guys that will root for the conference, during the bowl season and OOC games.

I had heard that the radio stations in Detroit were absolutely ripping Henne for his performance in the Rose yesterday. First of all, I am a Henne supporter. I think that he is a good quarterback, brought along in the patented UM-Loeffler QB system, which is to recruit statuesque quarterbacks and make sure that any athleticism that they may have is rendered useless by schemes...and grooming. I ask UM fans this question...seriously...This is not the mid-80s or mid-90s anymore. Do you think that this QB style is really helping UM make strides anymore? The last two athletic QBs that UM has had on it's roster played 3rd base for the Clippers and the other transferred after Henne earned the starting position as a true frosh.

With that being said...
Chad Henne can read a defense if he has time...and he can make all of the throws on the field. Here is where things get ugly...

College football is about gameplanning and halftime adjustments, which UM failed miserably at both of them in Pasadena. Teams that are able to accomplish these facets better than it's opponents are most likely to win games when competing against an evenly matched opponent (duh..). I think that Debord and Lloyd Carr need to take a good look at the piss-poor effort put into the game plan that was created for the USC defense. If anyone on the UM staff thought that the OSU gameplan was going to work against USC, they need to have their head examined. OSU is a team that employs a rush-3 or 4 without blitzing and will attempt to contain, contain, contain. OSU was able to get some pressure on Henne (4 sacks), but Henne had time to sit in the pocket and was able to make some plays against the OSU secondary. However, USC took a different approach and blitzed almost every down against UM, which really took Henne out of his rhythm, until it was too late.

Where were the adjustments at halftime? Where were the quick slants? Why is the waggle and the play-action the only pass plays that UM knows how to run? Why hasn't Manningham been learning another move besides his "double-move" technique, during the break? Does Henne really need to take a seven step drop for each passing play? I know that UM hasnt had a lot of game where they have had a lot of pressure on the QB, but the quick passing (3-step drops, etc) game should be a part of base packages. Maybe I am missing something, but it doesnt seem that UM utilizes this type of attack in it's offense.

I think that some UM fans might think that I am bashing here...I am not. This is constructive criticism from a football fan, first and foremost. There are times that a coaching staff will need to adjust its scheme to the tempo of the game and actually consider trying something different. The OSU offense has evolved around its personnel over the last 4 years, this evolution has changed from a pro-style run first - play-action style, which UM still employs, to a spread-based pro-style offense.

I am not saying that UM should run the spread, but the results of the last 4 years for UM in its games with OSU and bowl games is indicative of a stale "played-out" style of football that UM just doesnt seem to want to let go. This might be crazy-talk here, but what about maybe...just maybe...putting Henne in the shotgun to give him an extra couple of seconds to survey the field. The guy has a cannon for an arm and can throw any pass on the field. Shouldn't UM base it's gameplans on the player that has gotten better and better this entire year? No offense to the M. Hart backers out there, but Henne is the key to next year's success for UM...not Hart. With Arrington and Manningham coming back with an adequate slot-receiver, the passing game for UM ought to be deadly. Hart should be a compliment to the passing game....not the basis for the offense. I think that Hart is a good back, but he is not a gamebreaker. Hell...I would take Pittman over Hart as a complete running back. Pittman is not going to get caught when he is in the open field and I know that you cannot say that about Hart. Gamebreakers for UM are in the receiving corps and it will be up to Lloyd and Debord to get the ball into the hands of these guys next season. Hart is important, but he is not the team.

As for the Rose Bowl..."Wha' Happened?"

No Pressure on Booty = Dead Meat

Top 5 for Pre-Season 2007? Not sure...I dont think that anyone is sure about where UM is going to be next season. There will be a lot of soul searching in Ann Arbor this offseason.


Week #2 - DCfW Song of the Week

A good start with DJ Shadow from last week. This week we go in a different direction.

Grandaddy. A now "broken-up" band put out some great music in it's existence. In the Columbus-area, you have been able to hear a CD101 Big Room acoustic presentation of the band's single "Now It's On." Today, DCfW presents you a selection from the band's second album, which happens to be my wife's favorite song...seriously folks.

Artist: Grandaddy
Title: Crystal Lake
Album: The Sophtware Slump (Buy the Album here)

Let me know what you think and any suggestions that you may have for next week's contribution.


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