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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

DCFW getting OMG....linked....

by big Brian over at Mgoblog. This could be considered a big moment. I appreciate the candor and the standard "Brian-esque" insults made me feel right at home in the Mgoblog neighborhood.

Brian says..."Welcome!!! You illiterate bastard. Oh yeah. I like the blog name."

Also chiming in with mega-props is The-614. I appreciate the link, and hockey will win you over eventually. One of the best OSU blogs...hands down.

Do you hear that sound? It is the sound of inevitability. The sound of Chelios getting beat to the net by Rick Nash again. The sound of you growing to love hockey.

Also, in past linkage news...

Even though the Wings have been working on that golf handicap and Holland is in overdrive for a new goaltender, AbeltoYzerman provided the "Death Cab" some love and has been a very active blogger, during this year's WSOP Finals...errr...Stanley Cup Finals. Sorry about that little slip up. I have been trying to find the Finals games on TV and keep having to watch Poker Tournaments, Quite Frankly (God help us all), and the worst show of all time, "Stump the Schwab." If you get a moment, check out the A2Y glossary page. You cannot beat the North Dallas Forty reference, as well as "The Punch in the Face" and "The Meltdown" entries.



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