Death Cab for Woody

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The CBJ...meh...ugh...One Down...One To Go

Well...they finally held someone accountable. Gallant...Dead...

Was it the correct person? Probably, for the short-term, it was the correct person.

The Real Crapper in all of this...we could have had a couple of great coaches over the last few years, but Doug keeps breaking his d*ck off in the fans and season ticketholder arses with his crazy ideas of coaching competency (including himself behind the bench)...

Two guys that would have made things a lot better for the CBJ that we never even thought about...

- Bob Hartley - Thrasher fans dont know how great they have got it.
- Ted Nolan - Motivator and an ass-kicker...with a bit of a history that no one wants to talk about. Whatev...its all about results, baby!!

I am going to cry myself to sleep and hope that nightmares of Ken Hitchcock dont occur with regularity over the next few weeks. Damn You Doug....Damn You to Hell...



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