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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

OSU fares well against the UNC "Travelling Hansbroughs"

"Hey Tyler, I'll see you in March"

Game Thoughts...

  • OSU shoots well in the first half...not surprisiing.

  • During the first half, T. Hansbrough shows why he is a great player in the middle. T. Hansbrough also shows us something we havent seen in a long time, the old-school Robert Parrish/Lew Alcindor "lazy" pivot foot. Now, I understand why Dookies cant stand the guy.
  • OSU is building a house in the beginning of the second half...bricks galore.

  • UNC goes on a 12-2 run (expected).

  • Ivan Harris turns into Vinnie Johnson for about 5 minutes.

  • Ivan Harris turns into Manute Bol for about 3 minutes.

  • Ron Lewis shows that UNC still does know the first thing about playing defense, even with Gigantor Hansbrough and Wright on the blocks....unless Mike Conley is driving to the hoop.

  • T. Hansbrough travels 6 times in the second half...surprisingly..none of them are called.

  • These travels lead to 8 UNC points.

  • If Oden plays in this game, Hansbrough scores 10 at the most...probably travels at least 4 more times without it being called. OSU probably wins by 10+.

  • Ron Lewis just scored another lay-up.

  • Conley needs to gain an understanding of the "sense of urgency" concept.

  • I guess OSU was overhyped...*sarcasm font = ON*. This team is damn good and they played strong defense, until "raging Hansbrough" was able to somehow not commit a foul in the second half...and basically throw his weight around as he pleased.

    • If any UNC fans read this post, I think that Hansbrough is a great player, but he was able to get a away with murder down low...some of it was warranted, but dont tell me was playing great defense in the second half. He was watching players go right by him on the drives to the basket. He probably fouled Conley on 3 separate occasions, which were never close to being called.

      Good times coming for OSU BB fans. It looks like we will be going back into an era similar to the Jimmy Jackson days, which is a good thing.

      So when are we getting that Big10-ACC Challenge in Football?



      • I was wondering how he miraculously split the double team multiple times. I think you brought clarity to my confusion. The lazy pivot foot... Nice.

        By Blogger Andy, at 7:47 AM, November 30, 2006  

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