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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

CBJ - Vancouver...Effing Naslund and the Chimera "Around the Net" Paradigm

Hey guess what!

The CBJ got shutout again. YAY!!!

The CBJ played the Canucks. You know what that means...Naslund scored a goal, and ultimately that means a CBJ loss.

  • Sergei Fedorov is playing his best hockey as a Bluejacket. His skating is strong and he is making plays...too bad the CBJ doesnt have a finishers. I'm looking at you Rick Nash.

  • Another fantastic Pascal Leclaire effort...wasted.

  • The defense seems to be making better outlet passes.

  • Zherdev is playing better...and Fedorov has a lot to do with that.

  • Gilbert Brule is getting more and more playing time...he will breakout this doubt. Thank goodness Hitchcock is willing to play him on a line that doesnt include Jody Shelley.


  • Rick Nash...

  • Modin's Injury

  • Hainsey's Non-Existent Mean Streak

  • Chimera (See Below)

The Chimera Paradigm

I have been watching Chimera pretty closely this season and last. He is a heckuva a skater and has great size to absolutely level people. However, I have noticed that his line with Malhotra has not been nearly as productive this year, as compared to last season. After watching the last few games, I have noticed that Chimera doesnt drive to the net this season. He is simply skating hard on the outside and travelling around the net in hopes of finding a cutter on the backside. However, Chimera will normally keep skating around to the high boards and will not attempt to dump back down Jason's game is not a finesse game. I know that there are times that going around the net will draw some attention and will have some collapsing players on the opposition, which will open up some passing lanes. However, once the skater gets to the half-boards, a decision needs to be made by the skater. Either curl to the middle, dump back to the corner, or slow down and draw the high slot defender for a pass to the point. Generally, Chimera has been going around the net without a purpose or a plan, so to speak.

The main point to these observations is that the CBJ's second half success last season was predicated by the stellar play of the Chimera-Malhotra

Note to Jason: Please drive to the net and throw the damn puckon the net. Malhotra and Fritsche are waiting for rebounds...seriously.



  • Sweet mother! Two posts in about an hour! And in the second one you scoop me on an upcoming post about Jason Chimera!


    Seriously, what is up with Chimmer? I agree, he needs to put the puck on net more instead of gliding around three-quarters of the offensive zone with the puck cradled on his stick. Of course, if you've been following Jason as closely as you say... [wait for it...]... you have probably noticed that he couldn't hit the floor if he fell off his chair. It seems like every time he winds up for his patented "I'm about to put a bullet hole through the goalie" slapshot, it goes two feet high/wide of the net.

    Having paid for good seats behind the net, mothers are covering the eyes of their children so they don't have to witness the awfulness of the shot.

    Jason needs to work on a follow-through that puts the puck on net, so Malhotra and Fritsche (who is a dark horse CBJ-MVP candidate for me right now) can mop up the mess.

    Good to see you getting things out! And I completely agree with your thoughts on the OSU/UNC game. Oden would certainly have helped, but being forced to play zone defense due to foul trouble really allowed Carolina to stay in the game. In March (with or without Oden), this is a completely different game. Those freshman will grow up.

    By Anonymous Drew, at 6:55 AM, November 30, 2006  

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