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Thursday, January 04, 2007

And so it begins....

How about these gems...

"We're anxious to see what kind of defense they play to match up with all of us on the field, because there's gonna be a lot of speed and playmaking ability out there," he said. We personally don't think they can stop us, but I know they feel they do, so we gonna see if they step up to the challenge with all that speed and playmaking."

"I really feel like they haven't seen people like us,"

"Guys down here in the South that move as well as we do, are as fast and athletic as we are, they'll get a pretty good taste of it on the 8th."

"You really can't simulate our team speed and our athleticism."

"Hopefully it will catch them by surprise and we just kind of shock them,"

It's quotes like this that really dont make the whole "underdog" thing work for the Florida Gators. Yet, they seem to play "dis-respect" card at the drop of a hat. I am going to be totally honest here. I do not think that an analyst would think that this game would be close if the Buckeyes had played a few more games after November 18th (outside of the obvious attempts to hype up a game that needs absolutely no hype). I am starting to think that people are forgetting how good the Buckeyes have really been this season. If anyone is taking the UM game as a litmus test for the BCS game, they are going to be sorely mistaken. Dont be fooled by the performance that UM had against USC. They had a great front seven..AND..had an offense with both a passing game and running game. This is not something that UF can claim on its best day, unless a Tebow rush counts for double these days.

Maybe we can get some testimonials from the Hurricanes on Northern Speed...or maybe we can just go ask the other SEC teams that lost to Big10 Teams on New Year's Day.

Mark it down...if UF goes down in this game, the SEC myth will be over...and there will be much rejoicing....YAY!


"el fin"



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