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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Bad Karma...The Next Night Beatdown and the Tag that comes with it...

The approach for proper gloating generally requires pointing out the shortcomings of others,

Hopefully the CBJ will have some juice leftover for the Sharks tonight, who absolutely trunk-f*ckedthe Red Wings the other night. That was such a savage beating, I am surprised it didnt lead to an A2Y Glossary entry.

while basking in the sun of the *insert name of favorite sports team here*'s improbable comeback.

In this case...After livin' it up from the CBJ 4-3 comeback against the Ducks, I am now reeling in the misery of the San Jose Sharks trunk-f%cking on the CBJ by a count of 5-2 (not really 9-4...I'm looking at you Iwo). Apparently, there was some officiating that rivaled the IIHF shootout rules(which are is a team sport Muir..not a skills competition), but I dont know about any of that...I didnt get to watch the game. However, in savoring the taste of sweet Red Wing fan tears, I am now faced with being tagged by IwoCPO for one of the "5 Things" Lists that was semi-started by AlanaH over at "Canucks & Beyond" and passed along to A2Y.

While there are a few people that read this blog who actually know me, here are "5 things about me which people might not know"...Yeah...This is gonna suck...

  1. Grew up as a member of the Red Wing fandom watching Stevie Y, Klima, Burr, Hanlon, Cheveldae, Gallant and the boys. This was going to cease when Stevie Y retired. However, it came to an end a little before schedule when Kirk Maltby decided to (INTENTIONALLY) check Rusty Klesla into an open bench door towards the end of the last season before the strike. It was officially over at that point...much rage and hatred. I could imagine that this act pushed a lot of old Wings fans into the corner of the CBJ at that point. Kirk Maltby = A washed-up version of Sean Avery...without scoring or witty remarking ability.
  2. WAS a certified River Guide in West Virginia on the New River("Was" is the key word). It never really amounted to much, as I started working on my MBA right after getting certified. I will be working on certification out here in Washington on at least a few rivers, so whenever you are ready to put yourself, friends, and family in extreme danger...let me know. Remember...most of the time...a "Downstream V" is your friend.
  3. My first car was a 1982 Brown Ford Granada Stationwagon (This...but Brown and a stationwagon)...aptly named "The Turd." The ladies loved it...honest.
  4. The first two CDs that I ever bought (Yes youngsters there was a transition between cassette tapes and CDs in my childhood) were Living Colour - Vivid and Winger...I just admitted that...and I will now throw myself into traffic for shaming my Indie Rock persona. I was young and stupid, but, no, I did not have a Kip Winger poster on my wall, so dont ask....jerks.
  5. I am currently working for a company that is supporting the assembly of Boeing's newest plane, the 787 Dreamliner. Crazy stuff...I have worked on Automotive heavy assembly in the past, but nothing compares to this project, which sucks up a majority of my time. Hence, my inability to post at freewill, which is what I would really like. If anyone has any ideas on how I can become independently wealthy, bring it on... I think I still have that number for the Truck Driving School around here somewhere...

I must pass this punishment onto some of my CBJ brethren...Drew at End of the Bench ( too Dose of Reality) and Michael over at Army of the Ohio





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