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Saturday, January 06, 2007

CBJ loses...oh crap...CBJ WINS!!!

Every once in a while, you kind of get a feeling about a game before it is played. I was still at work when this game started, but remembered to DVR it. I had a feeling that the CBJ were going to take it to the Ducks. That feeling was quickly changed as I started to catch up and watch the first two periods after arriving at home. It was pretty much like watching the Kings game, which going forward will refuse to admit actually occurred.

First two periods of the game...yeah...they sucked, so let's move forward to about the 11 minute mark of the third period. Something happened. That "something" would be Freddy Modin (Team MVP) getting pissed and starting to take over in the corners. Modin and Vyborny had a great cycling shift, which led to an Anaheim penalty. The Jackets did not score on the PP, but they did set the tone for the rest of the game, and scored just seconds after the Power Play finished when Klesla got everything he could into a long shot from the point. Bryz-Gollum (Obvious misspelling) did not see that shot until it came out of the net. I didnt think that this goal made a huge difference, as the Jackets and Ducks skated around for the next 6 minutes without any real action....then all heck broke loose...

Fast forward to 3:14 remaining in the 3rd period, Svitov wins a big face-off in the Ducks zone and Klesla hammers a shot form the right point that looked a lot like his first goal. Breeze-gollob did see the puck until it ricocheted off of the back iron to bring the jacket within a goal.

...33 seconds later...

Modin makes a nice play on an attempted defensive clearing and started to cycle with Vyborny. Vyborny fed Modin in the slot twice and Modin hammered the second one home to tie the game. Again, Modin = STUD...

...1 minute and 21 seconds later...

This play was really started by Norrena who played the puck up to Klesla at the CBJ blueline and caught the Ducks in a semi-change. Klesla dumped the puck in the corner, which was passed and then misplayed in the corner by the Ducks defenseman. Malhotra gabbed the misplayed puck and started the cycle with Chimera, who found Malhotra driving hard to the net and put the Jackets up 4-3 with 1:20 left in the game..

...1 minute later...

Svitov covers the puck in the crease when a mad scramble occurs in front of the CBJ net after the Ducks caught the CBJ defense in the midst of a change. A penalty shot is called (with 20 secinds left in the game) for the Svitov error. Selanne takes the penalty shot...he aims at Norrena's shoulder...and hits it square. Too bad hitting Norrena's shoulder wasnt the same as scoring a goal.

Game Over...Ducks are sad. Ducks fans are shocked. The two CBJ fans in front of the FSN camera at the end of the game were going crazy. Yeah...I guess this sport just isnt exciting anymore...(HT: KK)

Hopefully the CBJ will have some juice leftover for the Sharks tonight, who absolutely trunk-f*ckedthe Red Wings the other night. That was such a savage beating, I am surprised it didnt lead to an A2Y Glossary entry.



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