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Saturday, February 17, 2007 I am back...

So...after a bit of a hiatus, I figured that it was time to get back in the saddle and spew some vitriol in all the right places. Rest assured...the fork has been removed from my temple...and now approaches unattended electrical outlets...constantly.

OSU Football...see pic above and imagine doing this every day for about a week. This would some up the life experience that was the 2006 OSU Football Team

OSU Basketball - As unexciting as it was when I lived in Columbus, imagine how unexciting it is out here in Seattle. The pathetic crowds rival that of the OSU men's hockey team. At least the hockey team has an excuse for poor attendance, they're rebuilding.

CBJ...Aww F**k Off. So happy that I am not a season ticket holder anymore...dont know if I am could stand another empty prmoise from the management and ownership while Minnesota is a consistent threat to make the playoffs and the CBJ players are a consistent threat to have their handicaps squared away by June.

Onto more interesting topics like the non-big news of February.

OSU signs mediocre recruiting class...or should we say that OSU signed a class that did not rival the ridiculousness displayed by Flavor of the Week Florida and yearly recruiting juggernaut USC. I am really not concerned about the star ratings and such. They really mean little to most. I mean take USC, for example. All that talent being recruited every year, yet still managed to lose to Oregon State. I dont recall Oregon State having any 5-star recruits on it's roster.

I rarely agree with Brian about anything. However, his nice article about creepy SEC recruiting in conjunction with Jim Delaney's recent statement on the SEC versus the Big10 was very insightful. OSU and UM have pulled together some great recruiting classes over the last 4-5 years, yet never have the sheer numbers that schools like Florida and Georgia seem to put together every year. Then again...OSU and UM doesnt seem to have nearly the class attrition each year that the SEC schools have either, which isnt caused by the school curriculums but the fact that the 600 players that sign to go to school at UGA cant even qualify. Sad that the SEC schools count on this attrition to allow them to over-recruit. You would think that the NCAA would maybe spend ome time on this scenario instead of Native American mascots, but I digress...

I had started a weekly song of the week post to relay some music to the masses that might still listen to that Green Day - Dookie album...or just cant figure out why every band sounds like Blink-182. Well, it hasnt gone away. I will bring back this feature this week and will continue to put out more music that you may or may not want to sample.

The greatest band of all-time....The Shins...released a new album at the end of January "Wincing the Night Away." A very highly anticipated album out here in the Pacific Northwest, as they were able to sell out two shows at the Paramount Theater in Seattle. Not sure how this album is going over in Columbus. However, the last time they played in Columbus in 2005, The Shins were not able to fill up the Newport, which is sad.

Another favorite band, Explosions in the Sky released a new album this past week "All of a Sudden, I Miss Everyone." I havent picked it up yet, but the band's popularity is soaring, as a majority of it's US shows are sold out and they will be playing at Coachella on 4/29.

Other bands/albums of note...
- Silver Sun Pickups - Carnavas
- The Black Angels - Passover
- Yo La Tengo - I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass

So...apologies to all for not posting about the Bluejackets and SEC dominance in every competitive sport every created...with the exception of hockey.

Better times are if Boeing can just build this new plane everything will be alright....



  • Yo Dirty,
    Glad to see you are back in the que. Checked out the music and really dug The Shins. Don't worry, Columbus will have nothing to do with this band becuase it is not Dave Matthews, The Used or Kenny Chesney (can't forget the wanna-be rednecks).
    CBJ, I qoute Mike Greenberg on this one, "AWEFUL, AWEFUL!" Thank god for Federov, its like watching David Beckham on skates. A once fleeting glimpse of greatness that used to be. Well there is always next year...yeah right.
    Still trying to get to Vegas,

    By Anonymous Daskivich, at 10:50 AM, February 19, 2007  

  • Welcome back.

    I need to send you a carton of those plastic things people stick in their outlets when they have young children running around the house. That may help.

    And Daski is right, The Shins unfortunately aren't up Columbus' alley. When saccharine stations such as WNCI and WBNS routinely win the ratings wars, good music has no chance.

    Everyone talks about how dead and quiet the Schott is for men's basketball. Most of the time, I begrudgingly agree. But I went to the Saturday night game against MSU, and I can tell you the place was rockin' pretty hard. Yes, it's not Cameron Indoor Stadium loud. But it never will be. Even if the Buckeyes have a 20 year basketball run like Duke has, it will never be that same atmosphere.

    First, Value City Arena is just to darn big. Play a game or two back at St. John, and see what kind of aura is there.

    Second, the seating arrangement (which is getting better over the years) does not favor having loud people (students) in favorable (near the court) locations. There are student sections behind each basket, which is better than in the past. But other than that, the entire lower bowl is filled with tenured faculty (or people lucky enough to have their tickets like myself), corporate seats, recruits, and people who knit and do crosswords during the timeouts. Put the students surrounding 3/4 of the court, and the decibels will rise. Which unfortunately brings me to my last point...

    OSU is a football school. When it's September-January, there's nothing better than watching and talking about Buckeye football. When it's February-August, there's nothing better (for many people) than talking about recruiting classes, getting 60,000 to the spring game, two-a-days, and QB controversies. It's unfortunate.

    It's taken a once-in-a-lifetime talent like Greg Oden to put butts in seats (or more appropriately, to get them out of their seats). And because of the logistics of seating and the physics of sound in Value City Arena, people still aren't happy.

    In any event, the MSU game was very loud and the first time I've left a basketball game hoarse from trying to talk to my buddy sitting next to me. Good times.

    Good to see you back. Now get back to work and get that plane off the ground.

    By Anonymous Drew, at 6:39 AM, February 21, 2007  

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