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Sunday, February 25, 2007

OSU wins defensive struggle..Butch Sprains Shoulder...Doyel Sprains Vagina

I took in the OSU-UW game this afternoon. It seemed like a typical Big10 showdown with massive amounts of defensive play and physical intensity that is not in seen other conferences.

Basically, this game turned into a slugfest and the final scored indicated this as such.

Quick hitters...

- Oden is still a work in progress. Some of his travels were obvious...some were not travels. Yes,he could go to the NBA right now, but he wouldnt play...even for the Celtics. He needs another year....or two.
- Speaking of travelling, have you guys seen Alando Tucker play basketball? His jump-step is NBA ready now.
- Conley will be one of the best point guards to ever play in the Big10 before he leaves. His confidence level increases every game.
- Wisconsin plays basketball just like it plays hockey....deliberate..intense..disciplined
- The 2-3 zone works great (against teams that cant rebound), but OSU has the depth to man up the whole game, regardless of Oden's presence in the middle of the 2-3.
- That injury to Butch in the first half was brutal. It looked like he had a grapefruit on the back of his elbow when he got up.
- That injury that Greg Doyel received while putting together his write-up from the game was brutal. It looked like he had a grapfruit on the front of his vagina when he finished writing it. Weird..
- I hope these two teams meet up in the Big10 tournament final. Hopefully, it will be the same type of game, so none of the pundits give UW or OSU a chance in the Big Dance.
- As a Buckeye fan, I am really pulling for UW to get healthy for the NCAA tournament. They are a team that will give a lot of good teams fits. They play defense very well, which is something that most teams in the country arent doing right now...even flavor of the week Kansas...

In other news...
Speaking of vaginas, Jack Johnson and the Michigan Hockey team were in town this weekend. I single out Jack Johnson, who has a history of cheap shots, took out OSU's leading scorer, Tommy Goebel on Friday with a questionable hit (It seems like Jack has a lot of those...doesnt it?). Role reversal between the two teams, as UM scored with about a minute left on Friday night and OSU returned the favor on Saturday pulling out a 6-5 victory.



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