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Sunday, August 13, 2006

DCfW - Big10 Preview #4 - The Purdue Boilermakers

After a strong showing in the Fulmer Cup this summer, Purdue looks to carry the momentum into the 2006 season.

There was a lot of hype that was incorrectly pushed the way of the Boilermakers last year, and there were even discussions of Purdue being a darkhorse national title contender. This was being mentioned after Purdue hit the lottery last year and missed both OSU and Michigan (Dont get me started about how a schedule can dictate an MNC contender..effing media love obsession with Louisville last year). Well, it's apparent that lightning can strike in the same place twice, as Purdue is granted another reprieve and will miss the Big "2 " again this season.

For those that follow the Big 10 religiously, Purdue has always seemed like a decent team that could pull off a few upsets, but would always lose a game or two that is absolutely should not lose. You could share this same categorizing with Michigan State, but that's not important right now. Generally, you always wanted to catch Purdue on the days that they werent the world-beaters. This never seems to happen if you are an OSU or Michigan fan, as tough games have been the trademark for the Purdue match-ups for the last 5-6 seasons.

I have always kind of pulled for Purdue when the advent of the "basketball on turf" really came into the fold of the Big 10 in the late 90's, when a fantastic QB by the name of Drew Brees took the helm at Purdue. However, as time has gone on...Coach Joe Tiller seems to have moved his philosophy from the "Basketball on Turf" to a more Big 10 I-Formation style of football, which has not paid dividends, since Drew Brees' Rose Bowl season in 2001.

There will be no hype for Purdue this year...and that is a good thing...


Painter...trying to hit the broad side of a barn this year.

There will definitely be improvement here. Six starters will be returning this season, and QB Curtis "Dont call me Matt" Painter should be ready for a breakout season after a rough season where he only completed 52.4% of his passes. Receivers Dorien Bryant and 6'9" Kyle Ingraham should give Painter adequate targets to improve his numbers from last season. Protecting Painter, Purdue also returns four starters from its O-Line, including the two tackles, Sr. Mike Otto and Jr. Sean Sester.

While, there are some questions on the offensive side of the ball, Purdue should be able to put up some points through the air. However, it would be nice if Purdue could get some support out of the RB spot, which looks to be filled by Junior Running Back Kory Sheets. This will definitely be the strong side of the ball for the Boilermakers. With that being said, let's look at the...


These next three lines sum up the outlook for the Purdue defense this year.
Bernie Pollard...Gone
Ray Edwards....Gone
Rob Ninkovich..Gone

This guy is gone, and we have sunk to a whole new level.

Only 4 returning starters from a defense that ranked 11th in the Big 11 in pass defense and red-zone defense.

DCfW's Prediction...Pain...OMG...So Much Pain.

Special Teams

Seniors PK Casey Welch and P Jared Armstrong will definitely man the most experienced unit on the Purdue squad. This says a lot about this year's chances for Purdue.

Season Outlook: We know that the Boilermakers should start off the season 3-0, but after that there is only one certainty...Purdue will get the standard "no-lube" welcome to Hawaii after a rough season in the Big 10. Maybe Tiller can give John L. a call and ask him about the refereeing on the islands.

Indiana State
Miami (OH)
Ball State
@Notre Dame
Penn State
@Michigan State

“Fa Show” Wins: Indiana State, Ball State
Could Go Either Way: Miami, Northwestern, Penn State, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota
“Fa Show” Losses: Notre Dame, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Hawaii

Projected Season Record: 6-7(3-5)

Bottom Line: Is there anyway that we can get Taylor Stubblefield a 12th year of eligibility? This year's version of the Boilermakers will look a lot like last year's...only scoring more points. Unfortunately, looks like Purdue will be giving up a whole lot more points this year as well. For the fans in Ross-Ade, how can a year without UM and OSU on the schedule look this bad?

Team Song for 2006: "Will You Smile Again?" by ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead



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