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Friday, June 08, 2007

Draft Party in Cowtown...That is Columbus for you Non-Ohio types

So Anaheim has won the Stanley Cup...awesome. California winning the cup is about as useful as a third nipple...unless you are into that kind of thing...not that there is anything wrong with that.

More importantly, everyone was able to see how the ratings were terrible for this year's Cup Finals broadcast. There is nothing more entertaining than watching the journalists play the equivalent of tee-ball when they dont have a good story with juicy bits involved.

The thought process involves...

Ratings were poor this year + Hockey is not broadcast on "Worldwide Leader" = Hockey is sure to die in the future.

I say nay...

Look, a lot of people love hockey, but we all saw this coming. This is not a sport for the simple-minded creature that enjoys basketball or football on the periphery. This is a sport that takes some time to learn and understand what is actually going on out there. Hell, it takes some people a half of a season to understand icing when they are first learning the game. Lets slow down a little bit before we start talking about "cycling" and "zone responsibilities" with the noobs..ok?

To more positive news, and by positive I mean CBJ new...which is never positive, the candidiates for the CBJ jobs seem to be jumping ship or are just not delicious enough to get excited about. Bob Murray hung around long enough to get a cup of coffee, which makes a lot of CBJ fans sad. So that leaves Howson from Edmonton and Les Jackson from Dallas as the "real" remaining candidates. The one thing that really seems to be a little curious is Detroit denying Jim Nill the opportunity to talk to the Columbus organization about the position. I would think that this would make Steve Yzerman (regardless of his current position in the organization) a little upset, as he will probably want this job prior to eventually moving up to the Red Wing GM position whenever Kenny Holland decides he has had enough. I cant see him moving into the GM chair without some time as the assistant GM. IMO...

The 2007 NHL Entry Draft is coming to Columbus. Finally! Some postseason excitement.

I cannot attend (stupid new plane), but my CBJ Blogging Brethren (Drew and Michael) have decided to throw a clambake of some type for the in-town and out-of-town bloggers. It should be a pretty good time.

Here are some details...I suggest you attend...and bring something for the local food...and that doesnt mean Coney Island food (whcih sucks) Wings bloggers!

Peace Out




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