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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Team from the Land of the Dying Economy 5 - Columbus 0

I really dont want to write about this game. I am terribly vexed at this point.

All of the CBJ Faithful knew it was coming. A crisp Detroit team ready to offer up some retirbution for its poor showing in Nationwide a few night ago....and the CBJ taking with minimal lubrication....

Check out the write-up from the Truth Serum at the EOB.....

Since I dont feel like doing an entire write-up on the is my comment to Truth Serum's review.....

Hainsey….my arch nemesis…his new name is “uber-suxor.” I have seen C Leaguers in the Chiller league play with more intensity than that guy

The thing with Detroit is that they are all about spacing and puck possession (duh…like you didnt already know that). However, when the playoffs come around the same thing always happens…they suck. Why? Because no one gets a free pass in the playoffs…every time somebody has the puck they are checked (on most occasions with a little more angst). Detroit is always going to get it’s offensive chances with it’s style of play, but more often than not they are not willing to pay the price outside of Holmstrom (Datsyuk is a major “sally” come playoff time..ask A2Y about his past playoff disappearring acts). There were only a few players last night that played with some zest and anger…Fritsche, Chimera, Klesla, Vyborny, Fedorov, and even Zherdev. They took the body or chased with maximum effort every time they had the puck. Notice I only named one d-man in that list…that is the problem.

I keep saying this over and over when I do post on my site. It is worth the penalty to absolutely lay out a Datsyuk or Zetterberg when they come in the zone with their head down or across the middle just to put the thought in their head that they might get killed coming into the zone in that manner. Instead, the CBJ sits back on it’s heels and waits for the red wing players to move the puck around and give them space to pick apart the defense. I know that this ia bit of barbaric behavior being promoted, but (as much as I cant stand the guy) Tie Domi used to do this all of the time for the Leafs (gawd I hate the Leafs) and it would change the flow of the game…sometimes it works…sometimes it doesnt, but the CBJ’s past history against the Wings suggests that it may be time to try something new…IMHO

To sum up this game from last night….Maltby scored…and he couldnt score with $500 in his pocket at an airport message parlor this year.

I know that the CBJ isnt the most physical team in the league, but I am sure that Hitch will probably make some changes in the near future to help that….

Peace Herringbone

Glad I got that out of my system....back to regularly scheduled programming...


MotSaG gives us this little postgame ditty from Hasek , which should be on the bulletin board for next week's matchup. It better be...and somebody better read it to Ron Hainsey...

"We know we're a better team,'' he said. "And if you want to be a contender, a top team in the NHL, you can't lose two games in a row to a team like Columbus.''

Stay Classy Dominator...Nice to see that the Red Wing class hasnt escaped you from your last stint in Detroit.



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