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Thursday, December 28, 2006

I dont really want to talk about it - Coney Island 7 - City BBQ 4

A glimmer of hope...dashed....

Turning point of the game(from my totally homer-tastic viewpoint) was non-call against Draper when he rode Duvie into the boards face first. I am not sure why it wasnt called, but it was a penalty. Was it intentional? Nope, but it was still a penalty. A penalty which would have given the CBJ a two-man advantage for over a minute. It was a disappointing non-call compared to the penalty that gave the Red Wings it's PP goal to take the lead. I am not saying it wasnt a penalty, but...let's just leave it at that...

The rest of the goals that the Red Wings scored were gravy. Once the Lang goal was scored, it was pretty much over.

Congrats the Wings and the Subway Fans that, for some gawd awful reason, still exist in the '614'...but like I said...I dont really want to talk about it.



PS. I havent had a City BBQ Brisket sandwich in almost 5 months...send to Seattle...stat.

PSS. Rivalry? Not enough hate...maybe if Draper smashed Duvie's face into the boards...something is going to happen in a game between these two in the near future. That will be awesome when the CBJ moves over to the Eastern Conference (I am looking at you Gary...jerk)



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