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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Gary Danielson...oh geesh...

Great Quotes (by "great" I mean crap-tastic)....from Gary Danielson in his interview with Detroit SportsTalk WXYT 1270AM...(HT Brian) defending his comments during the SEC Championship game...

"I figure that I had to catch up with ESPN banging the drum for the Big10 this year, since they had a two month head start."

Yeah...Because CBS is has been playing "yucky cookie" with the PAC-10, Big10, Big12, and ND this year. These conferences are an afterthought on any CBS SEC broadcast.

"I think it is very shortminded to think that the best two teams in the country were from the Big10 this year."

Why? We get to hear about how the SEC is the nest conference every year...even when a supposed powerhouse Auburn team gets it's arse handed to it on NewYear's Day last year to a Big10 third place Wisconsin team.

"I dont think that Big10 minded when ESPN had the countdown clock for the game a month before it occurred."

Hey dickface...guess where the countdown clock started? That's right jerkhead...CBS Sportsline.

"My drum was banging for college football."

Gary, kudos to you. You were a philanthropist for college football fans all over the country. I am not even a UM fan and that was a ridiculous statement.

"Best conference (SEC),according to the polls, doesnt have a chance to be represented in the BCS narional championship game."

Gary. How do you know it is the best conference? I can look at statistics, but considering that the teams in this conference never travel above the Mason-Dixon line to play a game, while other schools are playing decent out of conference schools. How do you know it is the best conference? Gary says that he cant tell us the best two teams, so how can you state that the SEC is the best conference?

This guy has ambitions to be a Jefferson Pilot announcer and is approaching the credibility level of the Iraqi Information Officer.

Jerkhead...Gosh...I dont agree with Brian too often, but Gary's 4th quarter diatribe in the SECCG was an infomercial of Tony Robbins stature, and was awfully pathetic.

"If the uniforms on the OSU Michigan game were WV and Louisville, there would be calls of no defense in the league. "

Gary. Why would you say that? When we can watch about every SEC game this year and ask where the offenses are in the SEC? The "SEC defenses are so magnifi-tastic" argument is getting stale. All of QBs in that league are garbage (Russell has the consistency of freshman QB, Leak looks worse than Henne under pressure, Cox is a slower version of Drew Tate, Ainge is the Big10 equivalent of /*insert name of any Purdue QB here sans Drew Brees*/. I could go on, but there is no need. This conference is all about default. There isnt a competent offense in the bunch, but we supposed to believe that the best football is being played in this conference. Get real. Auburn and Tennessee are the exceptions to this standard SEC scheduling practice, but the rest of the conference OOC scheduling is a joke. I know that it is being stated that the conference has too much competition internally to schedule tough OOC games, but when you schedule The Citadel and Western Carolina you will need to be prepared to be scrutizined. For my friends down south, small college or mid-major football in the north (ie Cincinnati, MAC schools) is a lot more competitive than small school football in the south (Western/Eastern Carolina,etc). If you dont believe it, tell me a small school in the south is going to beat Rutgers this year. Thanks for playing.

"The SEC coaches are irate, because they have to play in a conference championship game."

You signed up for with it. Blame Slive...not the other coaches and conferences. When the SWAC dissolved, there was no need to grab teams and make a supposed "super-conference" to stroke the dilusional egos of the people in the south that already believe that northern football players can barely walk let alone play football with any speed whatsoever (Apologies in advance to JL, ST, and TL).

All in all...Gary Danielson looks like any idiot in most circles around the country right now(obviously)...with the exception of a few states in the SE corner of the country.



  • Herringbone,

    I'm a lifelong Buckeye fan and a pretty avid reader of this blog, but I gotta disagree with you on this one. Well, at least I think Danielson made a pretty good point about assuming the best two teams are from the Big Ten this year. When two conference teams are only 5-0 and it's a virtual guarantee both will be 11-0 when they meet in November, I think that's a pretty good sign there isn't that much competition. Wisconsin? They played one ranked team all year (Wishigan) and were beat by 2 touchdowns. Their best win was a 13-3 victory over Penn State. Keep in mind Michigan's best win was against Wisconsin.

    Those points, and because I watched a lot of Big Ten games this year, I think it was a down year for the Big10. Now maybe Michigan is that good, but I have some serious reservations. Danielson should get up off his knees, but I think he was right in implying Ohio State needs to beat someone outside this conference to be worthy of national champions.

    BTW, did you see this article by Scoop Jackson. I lost all respect for this guy. His judgment of Tressel is simply ignorant.

    By Anonymous DenverBuck, at 10:02 PM, December 06, 2006  

  • DB..

    Thanks for the comments.

    I think that the big thing about his argument is that he simply assumes that the SEC is the best conference this year, but the conference as a whole has played two teams of note in the OOC (Cal and USC). So why is it simply assumed that the SEC is the best conference?

    I was definitely not standing up for UM in this post, but wanted to point out that while Gary is blasting the assumption that OSU and UM are the two best teams in the country (which could be true..or false) and is using a bigger assumption that the SEC has the best conference to justify that Florida should get a shot. I just used up my run-on sentence allotment for the week.

    I agree that the Big10 is down this year, but it is normally the down years in the B10 that make for some of the best bowl results for the conference.

    While it is obvious that the conference is very top heavy this year, the SEC has shown me nothing to say that they are the best conference this year. All of the teams have struggled against teams that they should struggle against and have struggled against teams that they shouldnt. I understand that Wisconsin has played nobody, but who is say that you could not make the same case against some of the 10 win SEC teams when they play nobody in their OOC portion of the schedule just like UW. In-conference attrition should not be the final say in a team's SOS. There should be a little more weight in the OOC, becuase then we can understand the how these teams play against competition that they are not accustomed to playing against. For example, Illinois played us pretty tough this year. Tell me the last time that OSU played well in Champaign. It hasnt happened in my lifetime, and nobody below the Mason-Dixon line would ever know this fact. Conference games are a struggle, but that should not be the very reason that you are given a shot. It is the whole body of work for a team that dictates it's greatness or mediocrity...not the ability to play ugly in what is perceived to be a tough conference and complain every time that "tough conference" card isnt equated to a free pass to a bowl game.

    Scoop Jackson has been on my "You're Dead to Me" board for a while now...but thanks for the link...

    Was Gary correct in making some statements in the SEC championship game? Yes. Did he need to turn it into an infomercial...not so much.

    Keep reading...this is going to be a fun month...

    By Blogger Herringbone, at 6:36 AM, December 07, 2006  

  • Coming from a SEC fan, I'm with you on this one. BTW, love the JP reference.

    Was Danielson even watching the game? A blocked punt, Leak's gift of a TD on that horrible INT, Urban's ego getting in the way of not adjusting his offense to suit Leak's passing strengths (something Urban hasn't done all year I might add). The list goes on, 5 different people, 5, threw TDs in the game. In fact, the guy in the halftime Dr. Pepper contest threw a TD also in the 3rd quarter. Great SEC D, and I love the fact that all year long when The TebowGator comes in the game everyone in the stadium knows what is coming up yet no D stopped him this whole year. And how bout Casey Dick, he's good, fajita sizzling good.

    Looking forward to your posts leading up to the game. U headed to Glendale? If so, we want all the details in the post game report. And if you do, be careful, you are right next door to JACKS country!!!!!

    By Anonymous ATL Tony, at 8:56 AM, December 07, 2006  

  • It sucks to be so wrong, doesn't it. I guess Gary Danielson doesn't look like such an "idiot" now!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:57 AM, January 09, 2007  

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