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Friday, December 01, 2006

CBJ versus Calgary - A story told many times over....

The CBJ lost again....surprising...not really.

I was hoping that I would not have to pull out this pic again...damn you Rick are playing like a fat veteran...somewhat 2005 Tkachuk-ish, if you will.

The CBJ looked solid for 2 periods...too bad the games are three periods. Maybe I can utilize a good UM fan excuse, like "they just ran out of time." Nah...that would just be silly.


  • Fedorov with another great game
  • Leclaire with another great game. I cant fault him for that second goal, but it just seems that the CBJ are not going to get one of these reviewed plays in their direction anytime soon. Dont get me wrong. The goal should have counted, but the guy/gal with their finger on the red light trigger should have it broken off.
  • Rick Nash is slowly but surely turning into John LeClair. Unfortunately, he looks like the John LeClair that just cleared waivers. Skate Rick...EFFING SKATE!
  • Where are you David Vyborny? A healthy scratch? Your team needs you to the worst way.
  • Brule, Picard, Fritsche, Malhotra, & Tollefson. Keep doing what your doing...Hitch will keep playing you. Hopefully, without...
  • Jody Shelley gives all beer leaguers hope. Had a wide open net in the first, which he had enough time to put it in twice. Oh...Jody...

I cant argue that the team played hard, but the beginning of the 3rd period was atrocious. Sad part about it was that they knew it was coming...*tears and anger*

Edmonton tomorrow night.

  • Cant wait to see another Leclaire performance wasted
  • Cant wait to see another goal by Ryan Smythe that will make me want to jab an unsharpened pencil into my temple
  • Cant wait to see another set of ridiculously "not even close" set of missed checks by Hainsey
  • Cant wait to see Jody Shelley lumber up and down the ice, while the rest of his line is 40-50ft in front of him...waiting to get into the offensive zone.

Blast you CBJ....



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