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Friday, December 01, 2006

Calling a Spade...Well....a Spade...

I tend to read Brian's "Upon Further Reviews" over at MGoBlog. They are normally pretty fair evaluations for UM's team performance on Offense and Defense. However, I see that Brian has been sipping some of the excuse "Kool-Aid", which has made its way around the message boards and the blogs over the last two weeks. Here is Brian referencing the field conditions at Ohio Stadium and it's possible effects on the UM offensive performance against OSU.

This will no doubt lead to an assertion that "both teams played on the same
field," but if Michigan installed a field that randomly shot white-clad
players in the kneecap you would agree that this is not a situation that
impacts both teams equally, yes?

Brian. I just wanted let you know that OSU looked into that a while ago. If OSU would have been able to install it, Desmond Howard would be using a wheelchair ramp to get onto the College Gameday set.

Here are some other gems....

Michigan has guys who rely on sharp cuts more often. Manningham's a double move guy. Breaston's entire football usefulness is built around his ability to
change direction faster than anyone else. Hart is a low-to-the-ground, compact
back in a running game that demands wild changes of direction fairly regularly.
Meanwhile, Pittman and Wells are more north-south guys and Ginn just runs
straight past people.

Overall, far more Michigan players ended up face down on the turf than Ohio State players, and though I gave the turf theory little credence in the immediate aftermath of the game I have to say that on replay there's about 8-10 instances where a Michigan player's inability to plant is relevant and maybe 1-2 similar plays for OSU.

The Aftermath...

  • Geesh...I guess the excuse we have been waiting to surface has finally reached its critical mass. For the love of all things holy, quit whining. I am sure that when Ted Ginn gets the ball he just runs in a straight line. Yeah...he nevers jukes or cuts or anything like that...whatev.
  • I might be mistaken, but UM had this same problem a few years back. I wonder if all of the teams that they played against would like to use the field as an excuse for their losses.
  • I also realize that UM had a few minor slips and one major slip (Manningham on the fly). Now you can blame the field one time, but if he is cuttting so hard...he needs to make an adjustment.
  • I dont know let's see. *Mario's Brain Processing after slipping on hard cut* Maybe I should keep cutting this hard, because the OSU DBs apparently have stalactites for feet and they wont slip. WTF. Maybe it had more to do with the fact that he was getting his arse physically handed to him on every play in the second half by Jenkins...not a shoddy field that he could have cut on if adjustments were made.
  • Dont ever use the words "Steve Breaston" and "speed" in the same sentence. He may have BEEN able to cut and utilize some speed in the past, but I think he is still finishing up his punt return against Indiana.
  • As far as slipping 8-10 versus 1-2...let's just call that a wash with some of the terrible penalties that were called on Jenkins and O'Neal. Alright? Or...maybe we can trade one of the biggest slips (Springs in 1996) in the OSU-UM series history for 10 of them.

In regards to rematches, excuses, theories, and such...

I have heard some good ones over the last few weeks in general...

John Q UM Fan: "Man...we just ran out of time."

Herringbone response: More time? You want more time to have the OSU offense get to 700 yards total offense and maybe 60 points?

John Q UM Fan: "A rematch...on a neutral field, we doubt."

Herringbone response: In 1993, 1995, 1996, & 1997, a rematch..on a neutral field, we doubt. You guys can play this game as well....2002...2004. It's fun to speculate. Feel fortunate that there is even a possibility to play OSU again, because there have been plenty of years in this series where these types of statements could be made with regularity

In Conclusion...

It's official. I am done talking about this game. I am sure there will be much rejoicing. The better team matter how anyone wants to spin it.


sportsMonkey chimes in from the MotSaG. Sounds like a familiar topic.



  • Well written. No porn talk. Very effective.

    Although I don't agree with every one of your points (example: if the BCS system were around in 93,95,96,97, the bucks may have gotten a mulligan or two) -- I agree with your overall perspective.

    1) No rematch if USC & Florida win.
    2) The field was bad. OSU dealt with it better.
    3) The better team won this year.

    By Anonymous Michigan Fan, at 7:28 AM, December 02, 2006  

  • *yay*

    By Anonymous Drew, at 6:58 AM, December 04, 2006  

  • Good stuff as always. Looking forward to your championship game analysis. In my opinion, OSU is going to TF the Gators. Hard.

    By Anonymous ATL Tony, at 10:36 AM, December 06, 2006  

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