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Friday, December 15, 2006

5 Out of 6…Not Too Shabby

We are Upright...Bitches!!

After watching most of the last 6 Bluejacket games, I came to the realization on a couple of important factors:

1. The honeymoon period for Hitch and the players is over.
2. The CBJ is still playing great hockey.

These two points mean a great deal to the future of this team. Not only have the players bought into the “swampland” system that Hitchcock is selling, but they are thriving in it. The team had an opportunity for two points last night in Phoenix in a game that they had no business of even coming within 3 goals of the Yotes…let alone a chance to win..

A great NBA ambassador once said that “The Ball Don’t Lie” in reference to a bad foul and the subsequent free throw misses of an opposing player. I think that anyone that watched the CBJ-Phoenix game last night could say that “the puck dont lie” either.” Towards the end of the second period last night, Coyotes defenseman Keith Ballard decided that he wanted to “look for some change” next to the CBJ bench with the puck at this feet. Dan Fritsche put a shoulder into him and the melee ensued. Somehow CBJ defenseman Tollefson takes a bare-knuckle punch right in the mouth during the scrum, but Dan Fritsche is the only person that gets a penalty FOR A CLEAN HIT. For anyone planning on using the “he was in a vulnerable position” card on me, then I want to understand how any of Scott Steven’s hits in the past were not penalized. Regardless, less than a minute into the resulting Phoenix power play, the CBJ score a “shorty” to tie the game at four. Justice is served…anyways…

FU Koharski you ‘effing scrub. You make Kerry Fraser seems like a blessing.


Wait for it…Wait for it…Yeah, Koharski just called Vyborny for another ticky-tack hook…

Remember that stuff in my last CBJ post (which would have been around October with my uber-fresh posting frequency) about Sergei Fedorov’s play. It keeps getting better and better. He is really starting to look like the dominant player that he was in the late 90’s, which is magnifi-tastic for us CBJ fans.

Definitely missed Foote last night on the Blueline. With the Phoenix style of play, his toughness and grit in the corners would have been effective against the vertically and physically challenged line headed by Mike Comrie. Comrie is a lot like Daniel Briere, but Comrie has a vagina. Briere is tough as nails. Do you think Phoenix would still like to have him on the roster?

Good news on the injury front. Duvie looks like he will be back in the near future.. According to Arace, he will be skating in a full practice today.

Nash...thank you for finally starting to realize that you can play defense and still dominate in your ricknash-ish way around the net.



  • I didn't have too much of a problem with the Fritsche penalty. I thought he left his feet when he hit the Coyote, which was rightfully called. It wasn't a head shot or elbow, so other than the sin of having skate blades leave the ice it looked nice.

    The foul called on Vyborny that you mentioned was quite crappy. I wouldn't mind taking those if the refs would actually call the rampant interference that happens on the forecheck.

    When the CBJ forwards dump the puck over the blueline into the corner, the d-men can't impede progress. Last year, we saw the clear paths more often, but anymore the refs are allowing the old obstruction-interference to go uncalled. I'm sure if I ever went to the doctor that these uncalled penalties could be the immediate reason for any health concerns I may have.

    First period of Saturday sucked hard. No sugar coating that. How long will Blue Jacket fans continue to be happy about the team getting a point or coming close (Thursday and Saturday) after spotting the opposition a huge lead? It's nice to see a little moxie when you're down by three or four, but I'm getting tired of being down that much to begin with. If there had been a reality show based on me watching the first period of the Chicago game, it would have sounded like the soundtrack to "The Osbourne's" with all the beeping involved.

    I'm sure when I have kids that their first complete sentence will start with "F" and end with "[riggin'] Blue Jackets!"

    By Anonymous Drew, at 7:41 AM, December 18, 2006  

  • Drew my friend...

    All I can say is Thank God I missed the first period of that game. I DVR'ed it, but couldnt make myself go back and watch it.

    I think that I spoke too soon on my honeymoon comments from this post. Hainsey is going back to being Hainsey, which makes me want to stab myself to relieve the pain.

    We need Foote back pretty badly right now. Responsibility in the defensive zone has been pretty pathetic the last two games. Norrena has actually been decent if he had some people to help him with the traffic in front of the net.

    I am equating the last two losses to a particular event that occurred at one of the CBJ games a few years back when I was still a season ticket holder. This event was during a Sabres game at home. Stu Barnes, that's right Stu Barnes, was forechecking against Daryl Sydor in the CBJ end. Two seconds later Daryl Sydor got leveled by Stu Barnes...Stu FREAKIN' Barnes laid his arse out behind the net. Yeah, Daryl went down on the ice hard, which is not a shame, but the problem was that it was Stu FREAKIN' Barnes that delivered the hit. That's like having someone throw a matchbox car at your head and getting a consussion.

    To sum it all up...those two losses were embarassing. I dont give a sh!t if the Blackhawks beat the Avalanche last night. They are a terrible team...

    Hopefully, a good effort will come out of tonight's game and a couple of points that are definitely needed.

    By Blogger Herringbone, at 10:37 AM, December 18, 2006  

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