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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Two weeks removed from playing SUNY Buffalo and cries of "playoff" are starting from the mouth of Tuberville

Oh we go again...Tuberville crying....what else is freaking new.

You know Tommy...I didnt hear anybody in the SEC complaining when LSU made it to the BCS Championship in 2003...I didnt hear anything when Tennessee made it 1998 (OSU was the best team in the country that year hands-down..and a late loss killed them in the BCS Standings). I didnt even hear Spurrier complaining when his Florida Gator team was given a do-over against FSU by the Bowl Alliance for its MNC in 1996...even though there is an argument that the title could have been split by OSU and Florida.

This is on you Tommy...quit playing effing Buffalo...and start playing some decent OOC teams.....and on the freakin' road. If Auburn plays Texas in Austin this year and wins, Tommy isnt complaining right now....he is garnering all of the coaches poll #1 votes...not just his own vote that is currently given on the Auburn line of the Coaches Poll. As a Big10 fan, I feel no sorrow for any of the SEC teams. They play in the best weather conditions possible and dont leave their conference settings to play anyone. Strength of schedule matters more in the human polls than any computer poll. A win over a Buffalo team is as about as pretty as a win over the Citadel in 2003. As a coach, you know there is distinct possibility that there will be more than two teams that could be undefeated at the end of the year. Plan for it accordingly, Tommy. Schedule some decent OOC teams and beat them. Dont get you arse handed to you when Southern Cal comes into town. Maybe travel above the Mason-Dixon line to play an opponent. Baby steps...start with Louisville...maybe WVU...and then come up and play the big boys in the Big10. We are waiting for you. We have been waiting for you, but you dont seem to want to play anyone outside the state of Alabama. That is your problem...not the BCS's problem.

If you are waiting for the SEC Commissioner to lead the charge to get a playoff going, why not ask him why the need for a conference title game? If you have that many teams in the conference and parity is so high, why not split off a group of teams into another conference? I'll tell you Sure there is the bowl money, but the money from the conferences adding more teams is just as significant. TV contracts for these mega-conferences with two divisions is ridiculous (Big12/SEC/ACC) and it isnt necessary. Remember when there were more conferences...things used to be a lot easier back then.

Steps to making things better for Tommy:
1. Quit believing that the SEC is the only conference that fields competitive teams
2. Quit crying to the Media
3. Schedule meeting with Athletic Director to schedule home-and-homes with competitive teams that actually attempt to have winning programs (and try to skip The Citadel, VMI, Temple, Buffalo, etc.)
4. Repeat Steps 1-3 Every Year



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