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Sunday, September 17, 2006

A weekend in Greensboro...and Atlanta...oh yeah...OSU wins 37-7.

This guy is pretty fast....give this man a TF Sticker and let's "call it a day."

It seems like the UC guy is pretty close...well...he was pretty close at least.

OSU 37 - 7 UC... homerism displayed in the South, and new terminologies are born.

As many of you have noted, I have not put anything on the blog for the last few weeks. Again, this work thing has been necessary and my projects are starting to kick into full gear. This would include the one where I am delivering multiple pizzas on a single delivery run, and manning the fries and the front counter at the same time. It's killer.

So I had to travel for work this past week, which included a stayover in Greensboro, NC for the weekend. I will be the first on to admit that I am not a big Greensboro fan, so getting out here for the weekend was top priority. Got a hold of some buddies in the ATL and headed down to watch the OSU game, the slice of heaven (Separation Satruday Games), and partake in the consumption of many alcoholic beverages at fine establishments...American-Pie and Taco Mac in Decatur. Of course, I woke up late on Saturday morning, so I started my drive to Atlanta and made it to American Pie at about 12:30. A rowdy bunch at the American-Pie, which is an OSU Alumni spot on gamedays, and after sharing a few beers with some fellow ATL buckeyes here were some observations:

  1. Mark Dantonio is still a top notch coach with a great defensive mind. I almost wish that another top level school would give him a chance. Not that UC isnt a school with potential, but put this man at the helm at a Washington or any other school looking an identity and its program would take-off in a major way.
  2. OSU fans havent seen an offense like this since 1998. I know it was a down day, but Dantonio's scheme had a lot to do with that and there is some rivalry undertones with Cincy that seemed to come out at the beginning of the game. Dont take this offense for granted, fellow OSU fans, because we might not see one like it for another 7-8 years. The maturity of Troy Smith cannot be understated and there is depth at tailback that we havent really seen since the days of Raymont Harris, Butler By'Note, and Pepe Pearson. The scary part is that OSU is not really trying to run the ball all that much....yet.
  3. James Laurinitis. OMG...freakin awesome. This guy is all over the place. It is amazing how the fans could be all over this guy with his performance in the N. Illinois game and then be "all over his jock" after the Texas and UC games. I didnt really have an opinion after the N. Illinois game, but I knew that he would get better...along with the rest of the LBs. Homan and Freeman are starting to solidify their holds on the positions and Curtis Terry has also shown promise in the early season.

    Spikes on Shoulder many levels of awesome attained here.
  4. Depth. It seems like Tress has made a real statement for the program on a national level this year. It cannot be understated that 57 players participated in the Texas game this year and this will be mentioned to every recruit that thinks that they cant play early at OSU. Tress stated over and over again that the best players will play...and he is stating the truth. The dividends of this move will pay off this year and for many years to come in recruiting and lessening the effects of player injuries, during the season.
  5. The Secondary. It makes me a bit giddy to think that the back seven of the defense primarily consists of RS Freshman and Sophomores. They are performing and getting better every week. Think about how tough this OSU defense is going to be next season. There will be some holes to fill on the D-Line with the departure of Richardson and Pitcock, but the back seven will be "HARD."
  6. Pittman. Let's start giving this guy the ball a little bit more. He was solid and helped swing the momentum when things just weren't clicking for the OSU offense on Saturday. I have a feeling that OSU will need contributions from all of its backs over the course of the next two Saturdays, as they open Big Ten play against Penn State and then have that fun game against Kinnick.
  7. Gonzo. This guy is Chad Cacchio with wheels...and two good shoulders...and can run routes...and did you know that he sleeps in an altitude tent? He also invented the Oreo cookie and helped term the crafty phrase "Trunk Fu*cking." More on the TF'ing later. Well...not much more...the imagination will have to take over on this one.

Anyways, the OSU game pretty much went, as planned. Slow start in the first; takeover in the second half with the unbelievable depth against a wore down opponent.

ND- UM. The advent of the term Trunk-F*ck rightfully takes its place in history, during this asswhipping. So after leaving the American Pie, I met with my ATL connections (JL, JL, and TL) and headed over to Taco Mac in Decatur. For those of you not familiar with the chain, it is similar to our beloved BW3. Watched the dismantling of ND, which I really belived that it was over when Burgess intercepted the Quinn pass and "housed" it. Believe it or not..this game sort of reminded me of the 2004 UM-OSU game, where it seemed like OSU could do no wrong. The only things that were different was that the road team was playing the role of OSU and home team got their shit handed to them on national television. Congrats to the UM fathful. I understand that last year was a bit of a downer, but things seem to be looking up. However, there was one constant....ND is still slow at both CB positions...and Steve Breaston has the hands of an offensive lineman. If he holds to a few more balls in this game UM breaks 50...possibly 60.

Auburn-LSU. Since I was in the heart of SEC country, I couldnt possibly miss this game. I wasnt dissapointed in the game. It was low scoring, but "low scoring" in a good way. I am still not sure what to make of that last flag that the refs picked up when LSU was driving at the end of the 4th quarter, but it was really close. They probably should have never even thrown the flag, because nobody in the bar had any doubt that thing was getting picked up. There was no way that the SEC officials were going to try and make that call at Auburn. Auburn and LSU have good defenses, but I am not totally sold that these defenses arent the product of the standard "bad-to-terrible" offensive production that is turning into an SEC mainstay.

Florida-Tennessee. How sad is that you have to bring in a Freshman quarterback to run specific plays (ie Designed QB runs)? I really wonder how Chris Leak would have turned out at another school that runs the West Coast or another Pro-Style scheme. He is not made for Urban warfare, and that is a simple fact. This was also a good game. It seemed that it would come down to whoever had the ball last would probably win, and that seemed to be the case. UT is back though and UF still has a lot of tough games ahead of it.

Nebraska - USC. The Neb got itself royally trunk-fu*ked. I cant believe that I am going to say this, but JD Booty actually looks like a better QB than Leinart did last year. IMO.

Oklahoma - Oregon. Ugly uniforms. Referees performing some TF'ing on Stoops and the boys. I guess that on-side kicks can travel 7.5 yards now before being touched by the kicking team.

Whewww...that was Saturday. Review of terms that were used in discussion or utilized in describing a myriad of including Florida fans, the LSU or Auburn offense in no particular order: douche bag, knob, trunk-fu*ked, trunk-fu*ker, sac (Solid Ass Crazy), Buccaneer Fans Like Their Steaks Sizzlin'...

Other observations.

  • Potential Man Law: Guys dont send back food at a BW3-ish establishments. Especially, if you were outside smoking, while the food got cold. Dickheads.
  • When you are out of your region, dont ask for your game to be put on the Big Screen at BW3-ish establishment. Same two guys above wanted to watch the Clemson-FSU game....ummm....yeah right. We were in FREAKIN' ATLANTA. You may as well have asked for the Mountain West game of the week to be put on the big screen, as it would have had the same effect. That's was the same two douche bags that were smoking while their food got cold...and they were Buccaneer fans, which I guess is bad thing in Atlanta. I am not sure of the origin of the animosity, but there were many references to Jort-wearing and El Caminos.

Sunday morning...wake up around 10:30AM. Start driving back to Greensboro at 11:00AM. Listened to Atlanta's 680AM Pigskin Tailgate Show, while driving out of the ATL...semi-hungover, but still representing of course. And then it happened, I had made it almost the entire weekend without any SEC smack, but the two guys on the radio were talking college football and talking about the effects on the polls from Saturday's games. There was a consensus that OSU was #1 and that Auburn should be #2. Then a discussion occurred on who would win between War Eagle and the Buckeyes on a neutral field. This is where the massive twitching started to occur while driving.

Here was the tale of the tape...

  1. Defense - Auburn. I can live with this, but OSU's defense will be among the best by the end of the year. When has OSU ever had a bad was probably around the same time that Auburn had a bad defense.
  2. Wide Receivers - OSU. Effing...Duh.
  3. Running Backs - Auburn. Irons is good and I understand this, but OSU has better depth, and Pittman isnt a slouch.
  4. Here is where it gets really good....QB = PUSH. Apparently, this Cox guy is supposedly the next Staubach or something. A fit of violent twitching started occurring while driving. Surprisingly, not enough rage was conjured to set fire to anything, but I really just chalked it up to blind-homerism. Look here "Johnny Auburn" fan, I am not saying that Cox isnt a good QB, but he is not Troy Smith. He is not completing 70% of his passes like Troy Smith, and probably wont do that unless he plays against Buffalo 8 more times this year. This isnt a PUSH and it isnt even close. Auburn fans can feel free to bash me here, but this isnt blind-homerism. If Cox was on the OSU depth chart, he would most likely be the first guy off of the cant argue science here. Troy Smith isnt a Heisman Candidate for nothing.
  5. Overall Netral Field - Homer-tastic SEC-guy gives Auburn the edge...and the reasonable guy gave OSU the slightest of edges. Personally, I still think that SEC is the college hockey equivalent to the CCHA. Teams swear that they beat the crap out of one another in the regular season and dont have anything left in the bowl season. Shenanigans...I say.

So, overall it was great weekend...friends, college football, alcohol, football, alcohol, John Gruden impersonations, UT fans that painted their faces to watch a gmae at a bar, football, the advent of the TF Stickers, which I will now be tallying each week after the games are played, and my first taste of the Jefferson-Pilot (Lincoln Financial) Three Daves Broadcast.

Go Bucks!

FU Nikolai Zherdev....sign already....



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