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Sunday, September 24, 2006

OSU - PSU Game Review

That's more like it...

A win is a win...and against Penn State that is always the case. Games against this team havent been pretty the last 4 years, but one thing always holds true...Penn State will not score more than 10 points in the Horseshoe..even with 9 new starters on defense.

To sum up this game....
  • OSU Offense
  • Troy Smith made a "Heisman-ish" play on a field reversal bomb to Robiskie.
  • Antonio Pittman continues to carry the load (20 carries for 110 yards).
  • Chris Wells is a short down back, until he learns how to see a hole. Imagine a Lydell Ross with about 25 more pounds of muscle.
  • Maurice Wells - Someday we will use him consistenly on swing passes or utilize his speed OUTSIDE of the tackles.
  • Brain Robiskie is turning into a problem for defensive coordinators and Troy isnt afraid to throw to him.
  • Teams will be praying for bad weather when OSU comes to town. It is really their only chance. Teddy and Anthony were not effective in yesterday's terrible elements.
  • OSU Defense
  • James Laurinitis is a tunrover machine, but in a good way.
  • Malcolm Jenkins is the most physical corner that OSU has had since Nate Clements, and he keeps getting better.
  • Freeman's tackling is getting better with each game.
  • The D-Line is getting pressure without blitzing, and isnt that super-cool?
  • Vernon Gholston is unblockable. However, he is very "holdable" as shown on many occasions by the PSU O-Line.
  • Pitcock and Patterson are anchoring the #1A D-Line in the country. #1B is up north at Michigan. Branch and Woodley are sweet.
  • Curtis Terry looked good...just wish we could have seen him for some more snaps.
  • Malcolm please return the ball to referee after scoring. Spiking the ball is so cliche.
  • Brandon Mitchell quietly played one of his best games as a Buckeye yesterday. He was rarely out of position and seemed to make all of the tackles that came his way.
  • PSU Offense
  • Anthony Morelli has a great arm, but cant read a defense to save his life. He will be a great QB some day, and knowing the ability of the PSU staff to bring QB along that should about 2 years after he graduates.
  • Tony Hunt is a stud. He ran very hard in the second half when the Nittany Lions needed him the most. Cant wait to see him against UM later this season.
  • Derrick Williams was a non-factor. See above reason for Ginn.
  • PSU's O-line needs to get its shite together. They were very sieve-like on Saturday.
  • PSU Defense
  • Dan Connor was the best PSU LB on the field yesterday. Shaw came in second (even if he was playing with his hand down).
  • Jim Shaw was great on the pass rush. Not so much on the running defense. He pretty much got road-graded a few times, which is to be expected. Moving from LB to DE isn't an easy task, and he wasnt exactly the size of a Bobby Carpenter.
  • PSU Secondary = Inc. Elements had a lot to do with this game and the secondary performance on both sides. Nice INT by King though.

This was a good game for OSU, no matter how the media will see it. There was adversity and elements that had some effect on the plays. Next week should be huge, it will be interesting to see how far along this defense has matured against a senior QB in Drew Tate. It is going to be a war.

OSU has proven it can win ugly in a year that was predicated by the offense having to shoulder the load for a young defense. The defense is starting to come around...and man...are they making plays.



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