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Monday, August 07, 2006

Recent Happenings....

As is the case, I am finally able to post a few things and try and finish up the Big Ten Review for this year. Though highly unlikely, I will try and finish by the end of August.

bradshrugged sheds a little more light on the Rhett Bomar situation, and unless you have been living under a rock, there were people stating this was happening well before Saint Stoops stepped in and said that it was naughty to take $18,000 and not work for it.

Adding American Hockey Fan to the blogroll. Probably, the funniest hockey blog that I have come across. Granted, it isnt "OSU Football coach's obsession with hovercrafts and prostitutes" funny, but it will do.

Update: Also added The Battle of California, which focuses on the Mighty Ducks with Earl Sleek (Contributor) currently ranking the best hockey video games with sweet commentary.

Army of the Ohio brings us a good article about the whining over the doping, or should I say the excessive whining about the doping and cheating in the Tour, or sports in general.

Men of the Scarlet and Gray chime in on the Zherdev situation. I agree with the sportsMonkey on this one. We have a youth movement going in the organization, and things have been very quiet in the form of off-season acquisitions and free-agents. Why in the freakin' world would we jack around with a young talent and scorn him in his first major contract negotiation. If Dougy Mac is looking to make seasoon ticketholder enemies in Columbus, this is the perfect way to do it. Sign the kid...he is a proven NHL talent that is learning his way in an organization that does not have the luxury of keeping him in Syracuse to mature. Doug...Think of what would have happened in Detroit if a certain young flambuoyent centre by the name of Sergei Fedorov was shipped out of town, because his dedication was in question. In other words, quit being a dick and sign the effing kid already. If he isnt signed by training camp, Dougy will be fired by Christmas, becuase the team will be in the same situation it has been in every year of its existence...being eliminated from the playoffs before December.

MotSaG also have put up its D-Line preview for the 2006 squad.

It's official....Death Cab for Woody was passed over on the Blogpoll for 2006. Thanks Brian. May visions of Phil Helmuth's Testicles or Chuck Amato's Moobs haunt you until the day you die. Congrats to the-614 and MotSaG on the nominations.


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