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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Catching up...

Well...the Herringbone has been busy with work and finally settling into the Emerald City. Tis a beautiful place with way too much to do on the weekends. Its official...moving from Lynnwood to Capitol Hill or First Hill in the Seattle metro area by December. I love moving...good times.

The Big10 Previews...I pretty much crashed and burned on those, so here is a rundown on the top 6 teams:

6. Michigan State - It has been stated many times. There is just something about MSU. The ability to beat anybody and lose to anybody on any given Saturday. Will most likely beat ND this year, but will find a way to lose against UM.
5. Wisconsin - Typical Wisky O-Line + New Running Back + Alcohol + Pumped-in House of Pain to start the 4th Quarter = 1000 yard rusher and the most pathetic, yet organized fanbase in the conference.
4. Penn State - New QB, that will be a tight end or wide receiver if he follows the standard path of PSU QBs. But Hey....they got the "Rail." Losing to OSU, ND, and another heartbreaker to UM. Welcome back to the norm PSU. Minnesota and Purdue missed ya. Maybe the Big East would be EASIER for you to compete consistently.
3. Iowa - Experienced D-Line, but they are small...very small. Will be interesting to see how they do against O-Lines with size (See OSU). Tate will be the real deal this year. Heisman Dark Horse.
2. Michigan - Things have to get better this year for the Big Blue. Did I mention that there are too many Michigan fans out here in the Pacific Northwest? They all have one thing in common...they all think a Supply Chain is a bracelet with a Jolly Rancher on the end of it.
1. Ohio State - Got to hear the Trev Alberts comment on OSU. It was great. He mentioned that the new players at LB and in the secondary are too much to overcome. Hey about that D-Line? Top5 in the country with returning talent surrounding Pitcock. feels like old times. Trev is back. OSU is going to have a big year. Looking forward to seeing what the offense can do this year with Tressel's best O-Line and skill all over the field.

MotSaG chime in on Trev's return....

Bradshrugged has moved his Football endeavors to the12thManChild

Sean is slacking over the at the-614, while moving (aka furnishing apartment with furniture found behind houses on North Campus...I never did that.)

Zherdev still hasnt signed. Effing bastard better sign or the chances of the CBJ making the playoffs decrease from 40% to 22%.

Brian over at MGoBlog..selling out...err...T-shirts...and to AOL. How long do you think it will take for him to conform to the TW/AOL Way? Good Luck Brian...The Blogpoll has officially been tainted. There should be a ruling on commerce-driven blogs voting on the poll...seems to be a conflict of interest could be on the horizon. I know its your poll, but it seems shady.

Brian has also provided a Preview, I mean statement of hope from all biased UM fans, of the Buckeyes for this season

America...You Are "On Notice".....

DCfW's Colbert "On-Notice" Board...make your own here (Thanks to EDSBS)


  • Hey, some of the furniture was from south campus. Those med students have some nice stuff. Er, wait, I mean. . . nevermind.

    By Blogger Sean, at 7:07 AM, September 03, 2006  

  • I cant say much. I was way too cheap to buy furniture when I moved away from the dorms. It is almost a rite of passage in the summer....

    You are right...the med campus-area has a much better selection.

    By Blogger Herringbone, at 5:03 PM, September 03, 2006  

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