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Friday, July 07, 2006

Ty Conklin and the Red Wing Connection...

Yesterday the CBJ signed Ty Conklin, which offifically opened the goaltending position up for competition in Columbus (Well, not really the starting position).


John McConnell: Ty Webb?
Doug MacClean: No John, Ty Conklin.

While the Red Wings fans are having a tough time digesting the potential Ed Belfour acquisition, the CBJ look to hand over the keys to a young Pascal LeGrinch and see how things will fall out. I am all for this move, as it puts Pascal in the same position Denis was in with Tugger back in the early days of the franchise.

I am kind of curious about Detroit's move. Now that Stevie has retired, wouldn't it be prudent to move towards a little youth between the pipes and potentially develop a goaltender for the future? I know that this is one area that the Red Wings have struggled with over the years. Exhibit A. Chris Osgood. A good goaltender that had confidence bouts with shots that have a smaller percentage of hitting the net rather than being an actual scoring chance. He was still able to win a cup with the Red Wings in 1998, but the goaltending coach(es) at the time (ie. The Detroit fans & media) gave him little chance to succeed beyond that year. Wouldn't it be great to win a Cup as a goaltender and have the city and media basically believe that you did a decent job of not screwing it up?

I have always been a big fan of Osgood. He seems like a good team guy that can play in pressure situations, WHEN HE DOESN'T HAVE ANOTHER STARTING GOALTENDER ON THE TEAM WITH HIM. Confidence will always be the issue that Osgood has to deal with in the future. Go ahead Detroit...bring in Belfour. Keep Osgood on the bench. When that no good piece of crap goaltender Belfour has another injury within the first 10 games of the season, Osgood will be put in the same situation that has plagued him since Vernon was brought to Detroit in 1997 (I know that Vernon didnt really start playing until the playoffs started). A STARTING NHL goaltender that will have him looking over his shoulder. In my honest opinion, Belfour is not the solution in Detroit, Ty Conklin was the solution. Why? He wont put the pressure on Osgood that an Ed Belfour will eminate while in the prone position with another sprained cooper's ligament.


Kenny, my boobs hurt....

I pose this question to Kenny H. Why not put Ozzie in the starting position with Howard as the back-up for the year? This started to work last year for the CBJ with Denis and LeClaire...

Just a thought. However, I think that the Detroit organization is looking for a quick fix to a problem that may bite them in the ass in the future. Who is Detroit's next hired gun after this coming year's playoff disappointment?

I dont think that Goaltending is the problem. I think that this team lacks any grit outside of a few players. Stevie Y used to provide this grit and determination through his own play, but his game as gone down a few notches, due to injuries and such. Who is the leader on this team? Nick Lidstrom? Please. Lidstrom is a great player, but a Captain has to lead...not look like a gazelle and make smooth defensive plays. I am sure that someone will tell me differently, but I just dont see him having the presence required in the locker room to lead that team with the entire city on his shoulders. Basically, I think he would move back to Sweden after one year of being a Captain with an early playoff exit, and I know that the Detroit fans dont want that.

The Wings have some big questions to answer this offseason. Unfortunately, I dont think that Belfour was an answer to any of them.



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