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Sunday, May 28, 2006

The West Coast Transition...and a Spring Wrap-up

Moving....yeah, it sucks...

I am in the process of moving from Columbus to Seattle. A giant move, not only from a mileage aspect, but from a cultural and comfort standpoint. However, it is a welcomed move, which will no doubt be a challenge, as I am shifting my career focus from the Automotive to the Aerospace Industry. I will not give you any hints what entity that is utilizing my abilities (or lack threreof), but it is located in the Seattle-area and is a massive employer for this area of the country.

Now, onto more important abbreviated wrap-up of some of the spring sports....


OSU did not display the dominance in the Big Ten that has become the norm, during tourney time. In a mediocre baseball conference, such as the Big 10, it is safe to say that any team finishing outside of the top two in the conference standings probably will not have a chance to compete in the NCAAs, regardless of its showing in the conference tourney. However, the Bucks have been a household name in terms of success in the midwest for baseball, and should, again, be a contender in next year's season. A young team that grew up a lot, during the season, came together but ran into a Michigan squad that had its number all season taking all five meetings away from the scarlet & gray. Congrats to Coach Todd and all of the players on a good season.

Men's Tennis

Great job this year for the Men's Tennis team, as they took another step in the correct direction and served notice to regular Big 10 powerhouse, Illinois. Outstanding showing in the regular season and NCAAs. Get Ty Tucker and the boys an indoor practice facility "on-campus" and this program has the potential to turn into annual national power in college tennis.

Track and Field

Russ Rodgers...a great coach back in the day, but seems to be holding on a little too long. I have read other blogs on the topic of Russ (who I am sure is good person), and I agree that he is not coaching at an acceptable level when a Nelloms or Reynolds is not on campus. This weekend in Knoxville, Brian Olinger, Jenna Harris, and Keturah Lofton had exceptional showings at the NCAA Regionals in the 3000m, 200m, and hammer throw, respectively. They will represent the Buckeyes in the NCAA Championships in two weeks. Congrats to the individual performers, but isn't it strange that more of the football players, which have track backgrounds, arent participating?


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