Death Cab for Woody

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Bienvenue....Willkommen....Bienvenidos we are....after months of reading posts that would make you laugh, cry, wonder how in the world anyone can relate Nietzsche to the Heisman Trophy, and ponder whether or not the "Cheetos" fingerprints will be removed from the Fulmer Cup before handing it over to the most deserving school...another blog arises from the ashes of past productivity to prove that us Americans can waste time with the best of them. So, here I am to attempt to entertain you good people.

The contents of the blog will discuss the topics that tend to interest me, such as OSU athletics, the Columbus Blue Jackets, and decent music (FU CD101...The Clash is not the only band that ever mattered). Nothing is off-limits...and opposing viewpoints will be welcomed and encouraged.

So with that.....we are off....

Go Bucks!!!
Go CBJ!!!
...and...well...Congrats to Sam Hornisch Jr. on his 2006 Indy 500 Victory.




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